Norfolks Earn A Draw

Slough Town

Slough Town

A. Smith (30)
Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Moore (32)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
The above teams met in the divisional final of the amateur cup on the Dolphin ground on Saturday. Slough were minus Walker, who is on the injured list, his place at the back being taken by Morris, a member of the reserve team. Summersby reappeared in the halfback line in place of Werrell, who is also crocked.

The home side commenced with a strong wind in their favour, and Gooderson went off with a tricky piece of play, but the visiting backs dispossessed him.

The same player again dashed away and both Poole and Padwick tried to find the net, but were unsuccessful.

The home side had decidedly the best of matters and kept the ball well in the enemy's territory. Denton made a good centre and Smith dropped a nice high shot, which the custodian just managed to put over the crossbar.

From the corner of the ball hovered unpleasantly close to the Norfolkians goal. Poole sent in a hotshot which was kicked out by the backs.

Immediately afterwards Harrington pulled up a rush by the home front line. Padwick sent in a good shot, but the wind upset the calculations of the homesters, and one or two good openings were spoiled.

A corner was splendidly taken by Padwick, but Young kicked wild and the ball went out of all danger.

The Maidenhead men then got away and looked dangerous, but a foul relieved Slough, and from the free kick Gooderson ran through but he was stopped splendidly by Harrington.

Hands were given Maidenhead right in front of their own goal, and the backs in the ball well down the field. It was returned by Young, and Poole tried a header but the ball went just outside the post.

The home halfbacks played a hard game, but were erratic and nearly every time gave the forwards no opportunity, by reason of the fact that they kicked onto the opposing backs. Summersby was an exception, and he did feed his wing very well.

Half an hour from the start Denton shot, but the goalkeeper saved. He fell on the ball and in a melee Smith put the leather over the line. One of the visiting backs once tried to clear, but the ball went through the net from the inside that's clearly demonstrating that it was a fair goal.

There was some argument, but eventually the referee decided in favour of the home side.

The ball had hardly been started when Maidenhead dribbled down. For a minute the home side were all to pieces, Crocker indulged in his favourite but wretched practice of leaving his goal totally undefended. It proved fatal as on other occasions, Moore equalising with a very nice shot.

Afterwards Slough got together, and Wright ran up and put a beautiful shot in from right on the corner flag, which just scaled the bar.

Morris made a miskick, and Wiggins was conspicuous for a capital run down the field. Crocker managed to turn the shot round the goalpost. From the corner the home forwards took the ball into midfield. Both sides nearly scored, but at half-time the score remained unchanged.

With the wind in the Norfolk's favour the home supporters were not very sanguine as to their side keeping the enemy out in the second half, but any such fears were unjustified as in the first part of the half Slough had quite as much of the game as their rivals.

On restarting Maidenhead rush down, but Gooderson replied in similar fashion and ran the whole length of the field, but he was robbed of the ball before he could get his shot in. The Globe was taken into neutral ground, but shortly afterwards another corner fell to the homesters.

Summersby placed the ball splendidly in the mouth of goal, but it was then sent out. Smith made several good openings for his colleagues, but they were very weak in front of goal.

As a result of a combined movement by Smith and Poole, the ball was sent right across the Maidenhead goal, Denton just failing to get up in time to put the finishing touch on.

The game was now very even. A corner to Maidenhead was sent behind. Wiggins was making tracks for the Slough goal, when he was pulled up by Reg Young, Ivall, with a big kick sent the ball into the Maidenhead lines and Harrington slipping down, the ball rolled by him, and nearly went into goal but the custodian managed to clear.

Maidenhead ran down and Reg falling, three of the visiting forwards poured on the ball, and looked like scoring, but Morris came in in the nick of time and sent the sphere out of danger.

A foul was given against Slough in a dangerous position, but Crocker fisted out. The Norfolkians gave the homesters an uncomfortable few seconds. Crocker fumbled the ball, and Maidenhead looked bound to score, but fortunately one of the backs kicked the ball out.

The game continued very hard, both sides striving strenuously for the winning goal, but at the end of time the score remained Slough one goal, Maidenhead Norfolkians one goal.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

A. Lawrence, C. Jones, J. Harrington, S. Gutteridge, H. Harrington, A. Goom, S. Beasley, F. Wheeler, F. Moore, C. Miller, H. Wiggins.


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