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Hertford Town Blues (H)
Wed Nov 29

Match day

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Hertford Town Blues (H)
Wed Nov 29 14:00
The National League U19 Alliance

| FA Cup
Wycombe Wanderers
Bass (6, 4-2), Spreggs (21 pen), Crocker o.g. (22), Buchanan (5-2)
5 - 2
Slough Town
Poole (3-1), Werrell (3-2)
The success of the Slough team met with a severe check on Saturday at Loakes Park, High Wycombe, when, on the day's play, they were fairly beaten.

Keane disappointment was experienced by the supporters of the team who journeyed to the chair town at the downfall of favourites, as, at any rate, in Slough it was expected that the visitors would just about manage to win.

There was an excellent attendance, £38 being taken at the gate. There was only one change in the 11 which has regularly done duty, Werrell superseding Summersby at halfback.

Wycombe won the toss and set Slough the task of defending the Barrack end. Both teams started with plenty of confidence and at the commencement of the game was fast, the ball travelling up and down at a good pace.

Denton, Poole, and Smith put in a nice piece of play, and the former centred on the goal-line. Some interesting play in front of Wycombe's goal caused some anxiety to the home supporters, but the danger was averted.

The visitors were weak in front of goal. Pheby ran down the line and centred. Walker cleared but the ball was brought back and Young letting Spreggs. The latter centred and Bass scored a nice goal six minutes from the start.

Several of the Slough men were hardly playing up to form and the defence seemed particularly weak. Padwick passed up to right and the latter shot but Reynolds saved expeditiously and well. Denton then tried to net the ball.

45 minutes it had been pouring in torrents and the ground was very greasy. The Wycombe forwards dashed up the field and Thrussell sent in a fine shot which beat Crocker. Offside, however, neutralised the effort. Bass was then prominent for a beautifully directed short, but Crocker saved.

Pheby fairly beat Reg young, but although he endeavoured to add to the home score is efforts were futile. Through the instrumentality of Gooderson the ball was worked into the centre. The Langley man but in a nice piece of individual play and then passed to right who dribble down and sent in a grand shot which the goalkeeper just managed to put over the bar. Nothing resulted from the corner conceded.

Brian got through the Slough halfback line and was making tracks for the visitors goal when he was admirably pulled up by young. A scramble ensued in the mouth of the Slough goal and Wycombe looked bound to score. In this melee one of the visiting players is said to have been deliberately holding Pheby's foot and preventing him scoring. A penalty was awarded Wycombe, and Spreggs taking the kick landed a second goal 21 minutes from the start.

The Wycombe people were naturally hugely delighted and their enthusiasm was enhanced when immediately afterwards young being pressed, tapped the ball to Crocker. The latter made a muddle of it, the greasy ball slipping through his hands and between his legs, rolled over the goal-line.

The chagrin of the supporters of the amber and blue was great, and their hopes of success went down to 0. 3 to none certainly did not look healthy for Slough, and one can understand the somewhat demoralised state of the team.

Hands against Wycombe assisted Slough, and Poole ran down and passed out to his captain, but skipper Denton sent out Slough for a few minutes had the best of matters, and following a foul Poole ran through and scored the first goal for Slough..

On restarting Wycombe were again dangerous. Walker and Young were both playing a weak game, and the conditions certainly did not suit them. After a fruitless corner to the visitors, the Wycombe front rank dashed up the field, and Russell slung in beauty but Crocker negotiated this safely.

After Pheby had had an unsuccessful try, play was transferred to the Wycombe end, Smith had a good chance to score, Wright took the ball away from the visiting centre forward, and thereby infringed the offside rule.

A minute afterwards Gooderson had a clean goal, but Reynolds beat him. Some exciting play was witnessed in front of the home citadel, and the hopes of the Sloughites arose in a corresponding manner.

The Wycombe defence proved very stubborn, whilst the visitors were slow, and more than one good chance was thrown away. Wright put in a capital sprint, and Buchanan was obliged to give a corner, but this point was not improved upon.

Young made a bad miskick and Bass and Bryan got away, Reynolds went after them and gave Crocker a chance to clear, which he did. Some combined play by the visiting forwards was next witnessed, which was stopped by Spreggs fouling Gooderson. Padwick sent in a long shot, but Reynolds satisfactorily dealt with this attempt to penetrate his citadel.

Half-time arrived with the score Wycombe Wanderers three goals, Slough one goal.

On resuming the conditions were more pleasant, but the ground was still in a shocking state and as slippery as ice. The visitors bucked up and was soon pressing. A corner was awarded an Padwick placing the ball beautifully, Werrell scored a second goal.

This further success imbued the spectators from the south of the county with confidence that after all their representatives were not beaten. On restarting Slough again got away but the backs stop Denton's progress and the ball was taken into midfield.

Wycombe again gave the Slough defence a hot time. From a pass by Hooper, Pheby made a fine effort, but the ball went out. The old tuition player came again and Crocker, who was not in his usual form, nearly let him in, and was a very slow in gathering the ball in kicking away.

We can for some seconds fairly penned Slough in the territory, but they were unable to add to their score. The visitors halfback line spoiled several good opportunities of getting out of their difficulties by kicking the ball too hard and thereby sending it on to the opposing backs who quite comfortably sent it back amongst their players, who were as busy as bees in the visitors quarters.

Much to the relief of their supporters Slough emerged from the tight corner, and Denton forced Hooper, who played a good game throughout, to give a corner, but nothing came of it.

Wright spoiled a fine opening by being offside. Hooper then started a nice piece of play by passing over to Pheby, who looked dangerous, but the referee's whistle pulled him up.

Wycombe, not to be denied, got away again and nearly scored. Crocker cleared, but offside again proved the savior of Slough. A good – by Gooderson was just cleared by Reynolds. The Wycombe left-wing again got on the ball, and were too much for Padwick. Bryan got Welwyn and sent in a lovely shot, with plenty of pace on it, Crocker giving a corner.

Smith, Poole and Denton put in a brief bout of combined play, but Tilbury broke it up. After the ball had traversed the field Slough again looked like equalising the scores, Denton centering, but Stevens headed out. Padwick shot the ball over from the right but Poole was not quite forward enough to apply the finishing touch.

Gooderson and Wright put in a spell of hard work, but their labours were not crowned with success. A foul was given against Buchanan in Wycombe territory, but nothing startling resulted.

Pheby then receive the ball and tricked Padwick by passing back to Stevens. The last named kicked up the field and Bass obtained the ball and sprinted up the ground. Reg Young put on a hundred yards pace and tried to overhaul the Wycombe player, but here he could not do so and Bass had banged in a shot which gave Crocker no chance, and a fourth goal was scored.

All the interest was now taken out of the game now, and for the greater part of the last 10 minutes we can played with – a winning game, and just in time Stevens shot and Crocker fisted out. Buchanan met the rebound and scored a fifth goal with a splendid shot.

Wycombe Wanderers Line up

E. Reynolds, C. Tilbury, C. Buchanan, B. C. Hooper, S. Spreggs, G. Stevens, F. Russell, F. Bryan, H. Bass, W. Buchanan. F. Pheby.


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