Slough Continue Good Cup Form

Slough Town

Slough Town

Gooderson (13, 2-1, 3-1), R. Ivall (4-1, 5-1)
Leighton Coe Springs

Leighton Coe Springs

Mills (14)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
The second round of the above competition played at the Dolphin on Saturday proved a rather tame affair by reason of the fact that the visitors arrived one man short and hardly had the game been started before they were robbed of the services of Holland, whose knee gave way.

With only nine men, they made a plucky struggle and kept the Slough team going for a considerable period. The homesters did not shine, and did not seem able to get together.

In the first 10 minutes several good openings were missed. Denton, Padwick and Gooderson all had a try to find the net and the beds goalkeeper had a lively time.

A nice concerted movement by Denton and Summersby resulted in Gooderson banging the ball into the net 13 minutes from the start.

Immediately after restarting, Leighton ran up and a mistake by John gave the visitors an opportunity, which Mills took advantage of and equalise the scores with a splendid shot, against which Werrell had no chance.

The visitors soon afterwards again looked dangerous, but Ivall relieved with a kick into midfield and the home front rank opposition and transferred play to the Leighton territory. Offside against Poole relieved the pressure, but through the instrumentality of Wright, Slough were again attacking. The latter centred beautifully and Smith had a clear goal, but he waited too long and was robbed of the ball.

Denton shortly afterwards but one in but without the desired result. By a series of long kicks, the ball was rushed away by Leighton, and Werrell was called upon to defend his citadel.

A pretty piece of combined play was exhibited by Walker, Summersby, Denton and Poole, the latter finishing the run by sending in a well directed shot which Samuels safely negotiated.

Wright was again conspicuous for a beautiful long high shot, which just skimmed the bar. Gooderson got within an ace of scoring, but was grassed on the goal-line.

Soon afterwards, Smith nearly got through on the ball then came to Gooderson, whose effort to notch a goal was wretched. Smith made two bad misses with the goal at his mercy. The game went mostly in favour of Slough, and Samuels, the visiting goalkeeper, had a good deal of work to do, but he proved a very able custodian.

Just before half-time, Denton slung the ball over to Smith, but he misjudged it. Luckily, Gooderson was well up, and he put the finishing touch on and the ball was in the net before the goalkeeper had any chance to deal with it.

Slough crossed over with a goal in their favour.

On resuming, Slough pressed hard. Smith dribbled through the opposing backs and Poole ran up with him, took the ball from him and shot a goal. For some reason the referee gave it offside, much to the dissatisfaction of the crowd, who were not slow to demonstrate their feelings had so palpable a mistake.

A few minutes later Smith sent in a hotshot, which the visiting captain stopped with his hands, and a penalty was awarded. Ivall took the kick but was unsuccessful, a weak effort striking the goalpost and going out.

The home side penned the visitors in the territory, but the latter act the goal well and for some time kept the homesters at bay. A foul was given against the visitors, Walker kicked in and Gooderson cleverly headed the ball in the goal, Samuel having no chance whatever to clear.

Not long after a corner was awarded the home team. Padwick was responsible for a grand corner kick and Ivall headed the fourth goal.

The same players subsequently added a fifth goal in the whistle blew with the score Slough five goals Leighton one goal.

Leighton Coe Springs Lineup

A. Samuel, E. Tooley (c), J. Kempster, J. Ginger, J. Holland, W. Botsford, L. Newton, L.F. Gale, J. Mills, A. Chamberlain.


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