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Slough Town

Slough Town

J. Ivall (11, 58), Poole (78)
Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Moore (72)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
Despite the bitterly cold weather of Saturday, there was a large attendance to witness this tie at Slough, the “gate” amounting to £24 15s, which is a record for the Dolphin Ground.

Maidenhead furnished a large contingent, and as the trains from Maidenhead and Windsor arrived almost together, and just when most of the Slough supporters were flocking to the ground, the one pay-box was simply besieged, and the Slough officials would be well advised on the occasion of a similar important match to have a second ticket office open.

Unfortunately for the Norfolkians, T. Adaway was prevented by indisposition from turning out, and in his absence, A. Gomm partnered J. Harrington at back. This necessitated a rearrangement of the front rank, F. Moore appearing at outside left and W. Wilmore coming into the team as a centre forward.

Slough were at full strength, B. E. Padwick, who injured his ankle three weeks ago in the previous round, occupying his accustomed position at right half.

The Maidonians won the toss and elected to attack the Uxbridge Road goal, with the east wind at their backs.

Punctual to the minute the game was started, both teams being loudly cheered as they entered the arena. Slough at once settled down to play pretty football, and eleven minutes from the start were rewarded with a goal. It was the result of a foul on Denton. Walker placed the free kick right into the goal mouth, and J. Ivall headed right into the corner of the net amid great enthusiasm from the Slough supporters.

On restarting, Maidenhead made the pace very hot, the whole team exhibiting any amount of dash. But Fisher, Walker and R. J. Ivall stopped rush after rush, Fisher pulling up Moore time after time, and the shots that Gutteridge, Emony and Miller sent in were mostly long ones, which Crocker dealt with.

The determined tackling of the home halves gradually drove the Norfolks back, and the game became very even. Maidenhead were still showing the most dash, but this was more than counterbalanced by the superior combination of Slough.

Once Denton missed a lovely chance of putting his side two ahead, breaking clean away and then shooting straight into Lawrence’s hands. At the other end, offside against Moore put a stop to a most dangerous attack, while directly afterwards, Padwick rushed across and cleared when the three inside forwards of Maidenhead seemed to have the goal at their mercy.

In the closing minutes of this half Maidenhead made strenuous efforts to equalise matters. From a free kick for a foul against Padwick, Gomm sent the ball right across the Slough goal, but eh forwards failed to just give the necessary touch to send it into h tenet, and when ends were changed Slough still led by a goal to love. In this half, both sides obtained two corners.

For the second half, Maidenhead rearranged their forwards, Moore going centre. Smith all but scored for Slough in the first minute, Lawrence bringing off a brilliant save, and then a miskick by Harrington gave Slough a corner.

No sooner had this bee cleared than there was some hot work in front of the Slough goal. Crocker ran out to a centre by Wiggins and fell on the ball. He failed to get it away, and Emony shot over with an open goal.

Thirteen minutes from the restart, a fine bout of passing between Summersby, Denton and Smith, ended in the last-named centering to J. Ivall who headed past Lawrence for the second time.

Although two goals to the bad, the Maidenhead men never lost heart, Wiggins and Miller putting in a lot of good work. On one occasion, Fisher made one bad miss – the only fault that could be urged against him all the afternoon – and Crocker saved the situation by running out and throwing himself on the ball. He got back to his post only just in time to save a shot from Emony.

Shortly after Summersby gave a corner, and from this an exciting scrimmage took place in the Slough goal. The ball eventually went out to Gomm, who sent in a long dropping shot, which Crocker tried to tip over the bar. It struck the crossbar and fell at the feet of Moore who promptly netted it. This occurred just 14 minutes from the previous score, and when the second half was twenty-seven minutes old.

This encouraged the Norfolks to play harder than ever, and they simply swarmed round the Slough goal. The defence of the Bucks club was very sound, and the attack was soon broken up.

Six minutes after the Norfolks had obtained their goal, J. Ivall and Wright made a fine run, and from their pass Poole registered a third goal for Slough.

From now to the end Slough were the better team, and qualified to meet Aylesbury or Chesham Generals in the fourth round by 3 to 1. In the second half, Maidenhead secured five corners and Slough three. The game – although not a parlour one – was contested in good spirit, Mr G. Wagstaff Simmons keeping the players well in hand, and he is one of the most capable referees ever seen in the district. On Saturday week, he was refereeing a League game before 36,000 spectators.

Fisher, Walker, R. J. Ivall and Wright were the pick of Slough, and Wiggins, Miller, Gibbons and J. Harrington worked very hard for the Norfolks.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

A. Lawrence, J. Harrington, A. Gomm, E. Gibbons, H. Harrington, A. Gutteridge, H. Wiggins, C. Miller, W. Wilmore, W. Emony, F. Moore.


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