Rebels Win In Poor Conditions

| League
1 - 4
Slough Town
Glover, Farr, Farr, Morgan
Bill Glover
This game was a most depressing one, played in a fine drizzle on a pitch very wet after several hours of heavy rain. Fog added to the discomfort in the closing stages.

After a strong start in which Farr was prominent with an excellent pass which, however, found Morris offside. Slough took the lead when Glover netted with a low shot, after the goalkeeper had partially saved from Morgan. Just before half-time Morgan scored a second for Slough – a simple goal after a scramble in the goalmouth.

The team changed straight over at half-time and play ruled very even, both sets of forwards playing excellent football in spite of the conditions. Exerting pressure, Slough went further ahead, through Farr, and in the closing minutes the spectators just managed to see Farr fasten on to a brilliant pass from Wells to score another grand goal for Slough to conclude the scoring.

Polytechnic Line up

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