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Brentford CST (H)
Wed Apr 24

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Brentford CST (H)
Wed Apr 24 14:00
The National League U19 Alliance

Maidenhead End Slough's Good Home Run

Slough Town

Slough Town

Harmon (1-1)
Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

Hewitt (0-1, 1-3), Copas (1-2)
League Tom Evans
Previous to Christmas Day, Slough and Maidenhead had met each other in the F.A.Cup and Amateur Cup Competitions, and each side had won on the other's ground. It was expected that on the third encounter Slough would reverse the result and maintain their good home record.

For the major part of the game they attacked, and in good style, but the Magpies' goalkeeper, G.Richens, was in holiday form and stood between his side and defeat. Time after time he literally performed miracles, and if the Maidenhead officials are sending out New Year's cards, the first one should certainly be addressed to him.

Nevertheless, the victory for Maidenhead was a creditable affair, seeing that Boreham was badly hurt in the early stages and took no further part in the game. Thrice they broke away with vim, and thrice they scored, and, to use a war-time expression, "that was that."

The game was by no means a brilliant one. Thrills were lacking and few of the players did anything out of the ordinary. Indeed, only two even really caught the eye, Richens for Maidenhead, and Evans, who at right back for Slough played a hero's part.

A fairly decent "gate" was attracted, about £50 being taken at the turnstiles.

Maidenhead took the field without Hewitt, who appeared a few minutes later. Play was at first confined to the touch-line, but then Maidenhead got going and from a corner Simmonds headed outside. Copas next essayed a terrific drive, which fell wide of the mark. A collision between Boreham and one of his colleagues resulted in the centre-half receiving a serious injury to his nose, which sent him into the dressing room for the remainder of the game.

A free-kick against Slough for an alleged foul by Wells enabled the Maidenhead left wing to get away and force another corner, but Evans easily cleared. The Slough forwards then woke up, and with Harmon and Stott well away Spooner applied the closure. A curling shot by Seymour was punched behind by Richens, but nothing tangible resulted from the flag-kick.

Slough continued to press, and Wells was in the picture with some clever dribbling. Rose broke away for the visitors but was pulled up by Seymour, and after Harmon and Poole had each tested Richens, Slough forced three corners in succession, all of which the goalkeeper managed to get away.

Stott then missed a sitter, but a moment later when on the ground only just missed turning the ball into the net. Maidenhead then got back to the other end, and following a corner Seymour was injured and had to receive the trainer's attention.

Richens brought off a good save from Morris, and with the clearance of a well-placed centre by the same player Maidenhead broke clean away and Hewitt scored from close in.

Slough immediately responded, and with a brilliant first-timer Stott only missed by inches. Copas and Rose made great efforts to get going, but found Evans more than their master, and North, new to senior football, did good work without being brilliant. Stott, who improved as the game went on, caused Richens a little trouble with a stinger, and after a brief spell in front of Bruce, Slough returned and forced a corner. Wells placed by Glover, the ball came out to Payne, who shot outside. From then until half-time Slough pressed, but could not get through, and with the whistle Maidenhead were the leaders by a solitary goal.

The second half was more or less as repetition of the first, Slough doing most of the pressing and Maidenhead supplying the goals.

For a time Maidenhead took up the running, and both Copas and Gibbons missed fairly easy chances. A corner to the visitors gained no advantage, and with the game at the other end Richens had to run out to save from Harmon. A centre by Glover then led up to the equaliser. With the ball dropping well over the goalmouth, Wells headed back to Harmon, who gave Richens no chance with a first-timer. Slough at once set out for the lead, and shots by Wells, Stott and Seymour in turn were skilfully dealt with by Richens.

From the Slough point of view a tragedy next happened. Following good work on the right wing, Harmon found the net, only to find that Wells, right out of the movement, was given offside. Morris, who was not enjoying an "on-day," finished up a good run with a brilliant centre which Stott headed just outside the post. A long shot by Poole was not much off the target and Richens was lucky to get away a drive by Stott, which he fumbled at the first attempt.

A breakaway by the visitors left-wing then turned the game in their favour. Rose was sent away by Pakenham-Walsh, and rushing up to take his centre Copas had little difficulty in beating Bruce. A few minutes later the same wing raced away again, and after Bruce had partially saved from Copas, Hewitt followed up and drove the ball home.

Slough tried their utmost to reduce the lead. Just before the end they put up a sustained attack, but Richens successfully dealt with everything which came his way and two valuable points therefore went to the side which, although enjoying most of the good luck of the game, did exceedingly well in view of the handicap under which they suffered.

Maidenhead United Lineup

G. Richens, Taylor, Cridland, Pakenham-Walsh, Boreham, Spooner, Gibbins, Simmonds, Hewitt, Copas, Rose.


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