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Brentford CST (H)
Wed Apr 24

Match day

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Brentford CST (H)
Wed Apr 24 14:00
The National League U19 Alliance

Maidenhead Through To Final

Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

Hewitt (4, 62)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Snow (25)
B&B Senior Cup Attendance: 4600 Unknown
Stag Meadow, Windsor, was the venue for this tie last Saturday, where 4600 spectators paid £125 to see Slough and Maidenhead contest the right to meet Chesham in the final.

Both clubs were strongly represented. In the previous round Maidenhead defeated Marlow by 5 goals to 3, and Slough knocked out Newbury by the odd goal in seven. Among many notable visitors on Saturday was Mr T Kyle, chairman of the B & B Association.

Maidenhead were first out, but both sides received a good reception on taking the field. Rose won the toss, and set Maidenhead to kick up hill with a strong sun behind them. From the start Maidenhead got well away by a long pass from Copas to Gibbins; the latter centred and Bruce brought off a good save out of a crowd of players.

Hands against Saunders enabled Slough to attack. Baldwin getting away, but Pilgrim cleared the centre with a kick to touch.

Maidenhead attacked again, and with Payne muffing a clearance Hewitt broke away, but Evans dashed across and effected a clearance.

Slough attacked, and from Wells' pass, Morris shot by. Then Maidenhead took the lead. Hewitt gained possession and working to the right lobbed the ball into the goalmouth. Copas and Rose made attempts to get the ball into the net, each attempt being beaten out till Hewitt ran in and headed the ball past Bruce after 4 minutes' play.

Shortly after, the Slough forwards were seen in a nice midfield passing bout; Gilliatt received, and eluding one or two players sent in a shot which struck an upright; Morris secured the rebound and sent in a low drive, which Smith kicked away.

A corner fell to Slough off Saunders, which Baldwin placed weakly and Saunders cleared, but Poole sent in a return shot which James saved. Maidenhead got in a brief raid in which Bruce saved from Copas, but play was quickly back to the other end, where Slough were further helped by a free kick for hands against Smith, but this was scrambled away.

Helped by a free-kick for a foul throw by Poole, Maidenhead attacked, and a centre from Gibbins produced headers from Copas and Rose, the former ending the movement with a wild kick over the bar when well placed.

Slough attacked again, Glover forcing a corner off Smith; from this Morris with a header looked a likely scorer till Saunders headed over the bar, the second flag-kick being cleared. Gilliat was next going well when Smith made a smart clearance, and just after Glover got in a lovely centre which Morris headed goalwards; James appeared well-placed for the ball, but Stanley bobbed up and beat it down with his hands; Slough were awarded a penalty kick which Morris sent just wide of the posts.

Slough at this point did most of the pressing and at 25 minutes gained the equaliser. Misses by the Maidenhead backs caused a general scramble; both Gilliat and Morris tried to get at the ball, which went to Wells, whose fierce drive was deflected over the bar by a Maidenhead defender. Glover took the corner kick and placed it for Snow to test James; the Maidenhead keeper punched the ball away, and as it dropped Snow scored with a fine first-time shot.

The ensuing play was very fast, Slough having the balance of the play, but beyond a centre from Glover which Gilliat headed to the net side, the Maidenhead goal was never in danger. Neither was the Slough goal for that matter, though once after good work by Hewitt and Rose and a centre from the latter which Hewitt headed to the right, Gibbins was inches wide with a good attempt.

Just before the interval Slough lost the services of Seymour, who was winded by the ball, but his absence made no material difference to either side. Half-time: Maidenhead 1, Slough 1.

Slough resumed with a full eleven, and were quickly at work. Hands against Saunders enabled Poole to place the ball into the goalmouth, where James was tested by Gilliat and Snow, and Morris shot over. Maidenhead replied and looked dangerous when Copas got through, but he fell and Evans cleared.

Maidenhead forced a right wing corner from which Bruce saved from Hewitt, and later Evans cleverly stopped Gibbins as the latter was cutting in for goal. Slough broke away and James had to save a shot from the right, which he got away, though hampered by two Slough forwards. Maidenhead were quickly aggressive again, and a free kick for hands against Seymour was repulsed, Barnes sending by from the clearance. From a free kick for a foul throw by Poole, Saunders put in a splendid shot which Bruce caught.

Slough got away and Baldwin had a nice opening, but he hesitated and Smith robbed him. A short spell of midfield play followed, till Maidenhead shook clear and Hewitt shot over. Then from a left wing centre which Poole came out to and missed, Barton, with an overhead kick, landed the ball to the top of the bar, from whence it fell behind.

A moment or so later Hewitt secured in midfield, and made goalward with Copas attending. Copas took the ball from Hewitt and with Bruce advancing shot weakly. Bruce fell to the ground and with arms outstretched got the ball, but Hewitt followed up, robbed him, and from an angle steered the ball into the net, 17 minutes from the resumption.

After this Slough played desperately, and Baldwin had another good chance, which he lost by slowness. An amusing incident happened when both Stanley and James let the ball go by, apparently thinking a goal kick would result, but a Maidenhead defender had touched it and a fruitless corner resulted. Further pressure by Slough saw James twice brought to his knees to save shots from Gilliat, and several corners were forced, without success. One or two swift raids were made by Maidenhead, and in one of these Hewitt looked a likely scorer, but shot across the goal. Barton, too, seemed about to score on one occasion, but Evans cleared in the nick of time. As time wore on Slough increased their efforts to get level again and at one period all the Maidenhead team bar Rose were defending, the Slough backs being on the half-way line. However, beyond a few corners and some shots over the bar, little advantage was gained. In the last minute or two Maidenhead forced two corners, and Bruce saved well from Rose.

Maidenhead United Lineup

S.E.James, H.C.Stanley and R.W.Smith, G.R.Saunders, A.Pilgrim and S.H.J.Barnes, R.C.Gibbins, B.Barton, H.Hewitt, G.T.Copas and F.W.Rose.


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