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Fri Jul 5

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Fri Jul 5 19:45
The Vanarama National League South

Maidenhead Record Big Win

Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

Hewitt (26, 87), Copas (48), Barton (54, 61, 66)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Morris (64), Lee (6-2)
League Attendance: 2680 Unknown
The first of the holiday games, Maidenhead v. Slough, at York Road on Christmas morning, attracted 2,680 spectators. Maidenhead were able to field a full eleven, but Slough were without Glover, their captain.

Slough won the toss, and defended the town goal. Early play favoured Maidenhead, who were stopped twice by offside decisions, while a corner forced by Hewitt was cleared, Barton went close with a header, and Luff made a rather lucky clearance from Hewitt's header. Slough's first real danger to James came from Snow, who sent in a hot long shot which James smartly cleared. Soon after he dropped a shot from Harman, and when tackled by Cox conceded a corner, which proved abortive. Maidenhead replied strongly and Evans effected a timely clearance when Hewitt was going nicely through. Evans again saved his lines when Hewitt lifted the ball over Luff's head, and a goal seemed certain, till the Slough back cleared with a hefty kick.

Maidenhead took the lead after 26 minutes' play when from a left centre following a melee in the goalmouth Hewitt headed a goal.

Maidenhead continued to hold the upper hand, and Luff saved three times in quick succession following a corner kick by Gibbins. Cox went near for Slough and Tatton sent in a cross-shot which was inches wide.

Maidenhead were soon pegging away again, and Rose shot over with Luff out of goal. Copas missed two very easy scoring chances and at the interval Maidenhead led by a goal to nil.

From the re-start, Slough pressed, and Tatton shot wide. Maidenhead retaliated, and Barton passed in; Payne failed to clear, and Copas scored after but 3 minutes' play.

Immediately after Rose missed a scoring chance, but at six minutes Cridland, Rose, Copas and Hewitt had all a share in a fine goal by Barton.

The Maidenhead goal had a let off when Cox got through and shot wide of James, but Stanley kicked clear from the goal-line. Straight from this let-off, Maidenhead went down, and Barton scored their fourth goal at 16 minutes.

Three minutes later Morris accepted a pass from Lee and beat James with a cross-shot.

This success was neutralised within two minutes when from a centre by Rose, Barton headed a fine goal.

Two fairly easy chances were missed, one by Copas and one by Hewitt, and then Slough had a look in, Snow forcing James to concede a corner, which Lee put behind.

Baldwin also scored a corner off James, and Harman sent this one behind.

Play generally veered in Maidenhead's favour and at 42 minutes, a pass by Saunders was snapped up by Copas, who shot hard. Payne received the force of the ball in the stomach and was knocked out, and Hewitt fastened on the ball to easily beat Luff.

Payne had to leave the field, but his absence spurred Slough on, and after forcing a corner, which was partially cleared, Tatton passed forward and Lee beat James.

Time was called just after with Maidenhead worthy winners by 6 goals to 2.

Maidenhead United Lineup

S.James, H.C.Stanley and L.B.Cridland, G.R.Saunders, A.Pilgrim and S.H.J.Barnes, R.C.Gibbins, B.Barton, H.Hewitt, G.T.Copas and F.W.Rose.


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