Slough Hit Six

Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

Copas (27), Rose (85)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Cox (20, 28, 75), Baldwin (60), Stott (79, 86)
League Attendance: 2590 Unknown
At home to Slough on Good Friday, before 2,590 spectators, Maidenhead, after a closely-contested first half, went to pieces and had to admit defeat by 6 goals to 2.

Honour undoubtedly went to the better team for Slough displayed a much better understanding than their opponents, and were much quicker on the ball, while their shooting, as evidenced by the score, was deadly, though mistakes by the Maidenhead defence led to four of the goals.

While Slough, were the better team, Maidenhead did not have the best of luck, for it was a game when the ball simply would not run right for them, no matter what they did, and as the game wore on the score mounted, and it was not surprising to find Maidenhead with their tails down.

But generally speaking Maidenhead had an off day, and only Smith and Saunders in the rear-guard showed anything like form. The forwards suffered from lack of good passes in addition to being badly led by Peake, who could not get going, and were far from being a powerful forte.

Slough were good in all departments. Though Luff was no better than Dixon, the backs were sound, but their task was made light through the home defence over-kicking the forwards. The halves always had the measure of the Maidenhead forwards, and found time to keep their own vanguard going with judicious passes, these were used to the discomfiture of the Maidenhead defence, and some nice combination was shown.

The story of the goals is as follows: Cox converted a centre from Glover after 20 minutes' play, but 7 minute's later Copas neutralised this by beating Luff, who failed to clear a hard shot from Smith.

Straight from the re-start Cox scored from 30 yards without, a Maidenhead man having touched the ball, and by this score Slough led at the interval, although each goal had one or two narrow escapes.

Fifteen minutes after resuming Cox finished a clever' dribble with a pass across the goal, and with the Maidenhead defence missing, Baldwin put Slough further ahead and a quarter of an hour later Cox crowned a brilliant dribble by scoring another fine goal.

Slough went further ahead four minutes later, Stott putting through from Glover's corner kick. Five minutes from time Luff saved from Smith at the expense of a corner, which Grace placed nicely for Rose to score Maidenhead's second point and a minute later Glover centred, Smith mis-
kicked, and Stott scored with Rixon out of position.

Slough thus won by 6 goals to 2.

Maidenhead United Lineup

Rixon; Saunders, Care, Venables, Smith, Pearce, Grace, Jackman, Peake, Copas, Rose.


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