United Overcome Slough

Slough Town

Slough Town

Andrews (1-0), Cox (2-2 pen)
Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

Jackman (1-1), Copas (1-2)
League Attendance: 3000 Unknown
The United accomplished an excellent performance on Boxing Day, when they secured two Spartan League points on the Dolphin ground, Slough.

Before an attendance of about 3,000, including a considerable number from Maidenhead, the United kicked off and for the space of about ten minutes fairly bombarded the Slough goal.

Luff and his backs gradually overcame the attack and Andrews at outside left for the home team, finding himself unmarked, had little difficulty in giving Slough the lead.

For a short time the home team continued to press strongly; Neighbour distinguished himself with one brilliant save from Morris, who bad broken past the United's backs.

Eventually, the visiting right wing beat the Slough defence, after a brilliant bout of passing, Jackman having little difficulty in equalising the score.

A ding-dong struggle ensued until half-fime, but immediately on resuming the United gained the lead, Withers giving Copas a lovely opening with which the latter made no mistake.

The visitors continued the pressure and were very unfortunate when in a breakaway by the Slough forwards, Care was adjudged (wrongly to our way of thinking) to have handled the hall. Cox made no mistake with the penalty kick, and thus again brought the scores level.

The United pressed heavily in the closing minutes and well-deserved a third goal which Jackman headed into the net from Marcham's corner-kick.

Shortly after the whistle blew for time, thus giving the United their first victory over their redoubtable opponents for several seasons.

The Slough team were, undoubtedly, handicapped by the absence of such stalwarts as Glover, Snow and Bratchell, but the United had reserves in Pearce, at right half, and Withers at centre-forward.

Maidenhead United Lineup

R. Neighbour, F. Evans, C. D. Care, L. V. Pearce, R. W. Smith, F. Marcham, A. V. Grace, T. Jackman, E. V. Withers, G. T. Copas, F. W. Rose.


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