Slough Beat Henley By Odd Goal In Three

Slough Town

Slough Town

J. Wheatley (16), Gatward (40)


Gray (2-1)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
The tie in the second round of the Amateur Cup, was played on the Dolphin Ground on Saturday, before a good number of spectators.

The visitors were fully represented, but the home side were minus the services of Young at half back, Tate taking his place, whilst Crocker superseded Wheatley in goal.

Higgins was given a place in the half-back line, and Jackson was again brought in the forward line.

Slough won the toss, and kicked towards the Langley end. Gray started the ball rolling for Henley, and Slough had slightly the best of the opening exchanges.

After Betts had stopped a weak shot from Ivall, play was transferred to the home quarter, and Crocker had two shots to save.

The Henley men were better together than Slough, but the latter's defence, time after time, broke up the combination.

The ball was then taken down on the right, and Ivall banged in a beautiful shot which hit the bar and rebounded into play. Denton had a good opportunity, but was hardly forward enough, and consequently only just tapped the ball.

Betts, having no difficulty in negotiating the weak shot. A few minutes later, Wheatley sent in a simple shot. Betts "muffed" the ball which rolled into the net, the homesters thus obtaining the lead after sixteen minutes' play.

On restarting the visitors rushed up, but spoiled a good effort by an erratic shot. The play so far was of a moderate description. The left wing of Slough spoiled several opportunities by kicking the ball on to the opposing backs.

Werrell played a grand game at back and used his head with effect. A bad foul against Werrell in home quarters looked dangerous. Owen took the kick and passed to Thomas, who tapped it back and the visiting skipper sent in a nice high shot which Crocker just managed to save.

Gatward then obtained possession and ran down the line. He nearly lost it before passing it to Poole. The latter shot and Betts had to use his hands. The Slough Captain obtained the return and tried again with a swift high shot which scaled the bar.

From the goal kick Emery obtained the ball and ran up the field. Worrell again came to the rescue and split up the combination very nicely. Again the ball was taken down and all the Slough forwards showed some good passing, but Jackson neutralised the effort of his colleague by being offside.

Individually, Ivall and Denton both put in some good work, but they are too selfish, with the result that they lost the ball on each occasion.

Forty minutes from the start, Poole dribbled down and finished up with a magnificent shot. Betts hit the ball straight up in the air, and on coming down it baulked him and went into the net, Betts appearing to fumble it. This was certainly the finest shot of the afternoon.

Henley now woke up and Garden sent in a clinking shot which twisted and nearly beat Crocker. The latter, however, managed to save it, though at the expense of a corner. Nothing resulted from this, the "Sloughites" rushing the leather down to their opponents territory and Gatward made another good bid for a goal, but was not successful.

Half-time arrived with the score: Slough 2 goals, Henley nil.

In the second half Slough only had the services of ten men, as Higgins was badly hurt just before the interval and was unable to turn out again.

With only four forwards the homesters were severely handicapped, but at the outset the quartet put in a very pretty piece of passing and Gatward finished up with a fine shot which Betts managed to stop, but a corner was eventually conceded.

From the corner Thomas tricked Tate and got down the line, Crocker came out to meet him and Thomas shot, and the ball was rolling into the net when Jackson saved it within half a yard of the goal line.

A fruitless corner was awarded, after which the home forwards — who played better and with more dash than they did in the first half — came away, and Gatward made two splendid attempts which caused Betts to defend his citadel.

Offside relieved temporarily the pressure, but the home forwards played splendidly together and were for a time irresistible. The visitors goal was bombarded, but Betts saved grandly and held his opponents at bay.

After being penned in their territory the Henley forwards got away, and Gray finished up a good piece of work by easily beating Crocker and scoring the first goal for the visitors.

On resuming, Wheatley was conspicuous for a piece of "gallery" play, which did not come off. A weak kick by Stribling was taken full advantage of by the visitors, and the ball was sent down into the home territory when a bully occurred in front of goal, but the custodian fell into the scrimmage and managed to throw the ball out of the way.

Immediately afterwards a corner was conceded, but the place kick was abortive. Slough were again the aggressors, but Trimmings, who had played all through a very nice game, cleared.

Play was now fairly fast, and Denton was conspicuous for a tricky piece of play. Gatward ran up and sent in a "beauty" which Betts cleared. A rush by the visiting forwards took the ball into neutral territory.

Crocker was called upon twice in quick succession, the second being a capital endeavour by Owen to penetrate the home goal. Soon afterwards Thomas centred beautifully to Gray, who headed the ball well, and Crocker kicked into touch.

Both sides worked hard to add to their score, but when the whistle blew the score remained: Slough 2 goals, Henley 1 goal.

There is no question but that Slough were the best team, and had they not had the hard luck to lose Higgins at the end of the first half they would undoubtedly have won by a margin.

The home forwards are still very loth to adopt a passing game, and are too inclined to rely on individualism. One was glad, however, to notice an improvement in this respect in the display given against Maidenhead.

If only they will learn accurate and short passing there is every prospect of their turning out a really good team. Once or twice in the second half they put in much combined play, with the result that they ran round their opponents.

This ss the style they need to cultivate, and once an understanding is arrived at between the forwards, then they will require some stopping.

Victory will rest with the team showing the best combination, and not with the club which adopts the kick and rush style, which is only too prevalent in local football.

The half backs have also to learn that it is their business to feed the forwards, and not the opposing backs. This fact must be impressed upon them, as nine times out of ten they kick too hard.

The backs are both good, but Stribling, for his own credit's sake, must not dribble. His confrere was far and away the best man on the field, and played a magnificent game. Crocker kept goal fairly well, but he seems to have a difficulty in gathering the ball. He is also inclined to adopt the dangerous practice of unnecessarily leaving his goal.

Henley Lineup

F. Betts, F. Cox, H. Trimmings, C. Luker, Owen, E. Bryant, H. Thomas, C. Hamilton, C. H. Gray, J. Emery, A. Gurdon.


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