Slough Lift Windsor Hospitals Cup

Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

Drewitt (82)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Norris (32, 51, 54), Glover (67), Morris (74)
Windsor Hosp. Attendance: 2000 Ted Norris
Maidenhead United had an engagement at Windsor on Saturday last, when they contested the final in the above competition with the Slough team.

This was Maidenhead's first appearance in the final, but Slough had reached the stage twice previously, having been defeated once and becoming joint holders with Windsor on the other occasion.

The crowd of about 2,000 spectators - which did not include many from Maidenhead - helped to swell the funds for the hospital to the extent of about £60. Both teams were at full strength.

Norris won the toss and gave slough the advantage of opening to the Town goal with the wind and sun behind them. In the first minute or two Maidenhead should have taken the lead, for Drewitt gained possession and got by Baldwin to have a clear run through on, when he got about about 10 yards from goal, he took his shot and sent it straight at Powell who was able to beat it away.

After this let off, Slough set to the work in earnest and Neighbour soon had to save from Grant, and soon after, from Glover's centre, Norris shot clean across the goal. Duke Care had to give away a corner, and from Glover's kick, Norris headed on top of the net.

Another corner off Blay who headed out a stinger from Norris bought about a fierce bombardment of the Maidenhead goal, during which Norris almost scored with a hook shot, and at this point Maidenhead were glad to have the assistance of the fowards, whose football was of a high order.

Following a nice bout of passing Norris sent in a grand drive, but Neighbour smartly tipped the ball over the bar for a corner Norris headed by.

Maidenhead broke away with good left work, but Fletcher put by, and Slough quickly resumed the attack, two or three corners being forced and a period of shooting in following during which Neighbour was very safe, and Blay and Care (the latter particularly) defending very stubbornly.

At length, Grant was going nicely through when he was tackled unfairly by Boura or Blay, and Slough were awarded a penalty kick, Norris giving Slough the lead after 32 minutes' play.

From the restart, Slough went straight up the field, and Norris and Morris between them muffed a fine opening, while a little late. Norris skimmed an upright with a good header.

Maidenhead then began to have a look in. Marcham and Drewitt breaking through the defence, but the latter shot over. Care got in a fine run half the length of the field, and gave Fletcher a chance, which was spoilt by a bad shot. The left wing pair forced a corner, which Snow cleared, and just before the "breather" Dent missed with a good shot.

With the wind, Maidenhead resumed well, and Dent and Drewitt looked dangerous till Baldwin cleared.

Slough went down to force a corner from a shot by Norris; nothing came of this but after six minutes' play Glover centred and Neighbour caught the ball; he was charged by Grant and Norris and managed to get the ball round the post, but to the surprise of the Maidenhead team Slough were awarded a goal.

This took the stuffing out of Maidenhead and Slough did much as they liked, with the result that three minutes later, Norris scored again following passes by Grant and Glover.

A spasmodic raid by Maidenhead led to two corners, from which Richards and Fletcher got in good headers.

The next goal came at the end of 22 minutes, and was the result of a beautiful run by Grant, who twice beat Venables before centering; the ball passed to the far side of the goal, where Glover unmarked had an easy task to score.

Seven minutes later, the Slough inside men got in some short passing near the Maidenhead goal, and although Care partially cleared, Morris secured and scored with a nice cross drive, and there was great rejoicing in the Slough camp.

In between these goals Maidenhead had got in one or two good raids, and Marcham had a good shot charged down by Payne, while Drewitt once shot across the goal, and Venables put over.

Eventually, eight minutes from time, some clever work by Fletcher and a neat pass, enabled Drewitt to beat Payne, and steer the ball past Powell to give Maidenhead their "orphan" and with no further scoring taking place, Maidenhead left the field well beaten by five goals to one.

Maidenhead United Lineup

R.Neighbour; V.Blay and C.D.Care; W.Boura, A. Richards and F. Gee; F.A.Venables, C.A. Dent, L.J.Drewitt, G.H.Fletcher and F.G.Marcham.


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