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Fri Jul 5

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Fri Jul 5 19:45
The Vanarama National League South

Rebels U23s defeated by Shots

Slough Town

Slough Town

Okorogheye (90+2)
Aldershot Town U23

Aldershot Town U23

A late goal from Ada Okorogheye was not enough for Slough to take the points as the Rebels were defeated at home for the first time in the league this season by Aldershot Town, writes Adam Novysedlák.

Before the game, the Slough Town players warmed up in shirts bearing the number 4 and the name of Christian Rowe who tragically passed away. Both teams and the fans honoured Rowe with a minute of silence before the kick-off.

Both teams started with high intensity football and neither wanted to give away a chance for the opposition to get into an early lead.

The first significant chance came after around 15 minutes of play when Johnivy Williams finished a nice passing action but the Shots goalkeeper coped with the shot.

The play in the first half was interrupted multiple times as several players received a medical treatment.

Aldershot’s biggest chance of the first half came after the Slough defence produced a mistake but the away striker, who was going on a goal got in a tangle and the resulting shot was blocked by the defence.

The first goal of the game came only five minutes after the half-time break and it was the away team who took the lead. The home defence couldn’t get the ball away from their own box and the Shots striker punished them as his shot found the bottom corner. 0-1

Just after an hour of play George Rose made a great save as the away striker went one-on-one but the Rebels keeper showed his importance to the team.

In the 64th minute however, Rose had to pick the ball out of his net for the second time when the Aldershot winger sent a great ball on the far post and the forward comfortably put it in. 0-2

The home team then put all the effort into scoring a goal and getting back into the game while the away team patiently waited for their chance from counterattacks. Williams had a good chance in the 76th minute but his effort just missed the far post.

Slough finally scored in second added minute at the end of the game when Okorogheye, who came off the bench received the ball inside the box, tricked defenders and with a shot on the far post opened the scoring for the Rebels. 1-2

This proved to be only a consolation goal as the home team couldn’t add another goal in an attempt to save at least a point.

With this defeat Slough extended their losing streak to two games, but remain at the top of the Suburban Football League.

Aldershot Town U23 Lineup


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