Slough Unlucky Not To Progress

Slough Town

Slough Town

Nicholas (8), Denton (2-0)
Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Moore (2-1), Talyforth (2-2)
FA Cup Unknown
Slough experienced hard lines on Saturday in not going through the second round of the English Cup successfully.

Their opponents were Maidenhead Norfolkians, who with moderate luck they ought to have beaten, the game taking place on the home ground.

In the first half they played a very strong game, so much so that the supporters of the Maidenhead lot were beginning to wonder how many they would be beaten by. Then just as things were beginning to assume a most roseate hue, New's knee gave way and he had to leave the field. Notwithstanding this fact, the local scored almost immediately after they missed him.

In the second portion of the game, his absence was greatly felt and had a great influence on the play. Moreover, it was not so interesting as it had been during the initial stages, while fouls were rather too frequent.

Though, as had already been intimated, the second half was not so interesting as it might have been, the supporters of the home team were still able to leave the field in a more of less happy frame of mind.

The locals had not been beaten. They had still a chance of getting safely through the round. And on the day's play, they certainly looked like doing so.

Each club had a strong team out. Slough's was far and away the best that have donned their colours this year, while the Norfolkian combination was one of the strongest yet turned out by the club. They were indeed a better lot than had met Maidenhead a fortnight previously, but according to some of their supporters, they did not play so well as on that occasion.

When one heard this, it made one realise that Slough had a big job on, when they meet the Norfolkians on their own ground.

Maidenhead had the best of the opening exchanges, but eight minutes from the start, Nicholas nipped smartly round Morty and drew first blood for Slough.

After this the game which was more even, also ruled faster and more exciting. First one side and then the other gained a momentary advantage. After the Norfolkians had put in some smart work, New relieved the pressure. Then Nicholas took the ball up the field and passed to Poole, who caused the goalkeeper some difficulty in getting the ball away.

Soon after, Summersby distinguished himself, Maidenhead a few moments after pressing very hardly. Still faster did the game now become. It was - during the first half anyhow, one of the best ever played on the Dolphin Ground.

A moment of great excitement prevailed when Ivall ran out too far with the ball in clearing and a "free" was given. Littleton took it and passed to Pyke, who shot. Ivall, was as smart on the ball this time as a cat is on a mouse, and he ran right away with the ball till it was out of danger. He was of course cheered for the course he had taken, being successful but many of the supporters of the home team regretted to see him doing this. They opined that he would, if he continued these tactics, make a mess of it, and assuredly he did later on in the game. And to make matters worse, it was this very point which brought the scores equal.

Thus things went on for some time, that is to say the game continued fast and furious. After a good shot by Summersby, Maidenhead got away and gave Ivall some trouble. Then the Slough halves distinguished themselves, and by putting the ball nicely among the forwards, enabled Nicholas to obtain possession. The latter tried hard to notch a point, and though he was unsuccessful in doing so he yet earned many shouts of approbation.

New was here noticed to be in difficulties with his knee and a moment or two later he had to come off the field. Remarkable as it may seem, New had barely got off the field before Denton, after some good work by the left wing and Summersby, scored Slough's second goal amid a scene of great enthusiasm.

A corner was shortly after given against Slough, and a scene of great activity ensued close under the home goal. It certainly looked as if the Maidenhead men were going to open their account, but there were unable to do so.

A foul given favour of Slough resulted, after a few moments interesting play in a corner being conceded the homesters. But it was not converted.

A few moments later, Ivall had again to exercise his judgment. He ran out some yeards and just reached the ball as a Maidenhead forward was in the act of shooting. Fortunately, he proved the better man and cleared. Here it was that a few fouls cropped up.

One was given against Maidenhead for fouling Crocker, Holdaway, who was playing a sterling game, took it and placed the ball nicely. Success did not attend however. The Maidenhead got away with a rare rush, and Moore shot, the ball going through the posts just over Ivall's head.

The score still stood at 2 to 1 in favour of Slough when ends were changed.

Slough were handicapped in the second half by the loss of the services of New, who up to the time of his breakdown had been plying a splendid game. Notwithstanding this fact, they started wonderfully well and the visiting custodian was on several occasions called upon.

Then the Norfolkians began to play a very strong and energetic game, the result of which was that the referee had to give a good number of fouls. Moore was the man against whom the most free kicks were given.

The locals had begun to put up some vigour into the game which was now becoming more interesting.

The piece of it which will be most remembered was when Beasley ran down the field in rare style. Ivall rushed out of his goal to try and relieve the tension and being unsuccessful in doing this, this allowed Talyforth an excellent opportunity. No one was between the uprights and all he had to do was to put the ball through after Beasley had centred to him. Thus the scores became equal.

After this, the game seemed to deteriorate. Slough slowed down and the Norfolkians being anxious to win were rather rougher than they ought to have been, consequently few could have been sorry when the game ended. Nothing else had been scored, so the result was therefore a draw.

Without a doubt the game was on the whole one of the best the Slough men ever took part in. The forwards hung together better than they have hitherto this season. The halves too, did their business well, while the backs were time after time applauded for their excellent play, Holdway being specially prominent. He was the smallest man on the field, and he was, in the opinion of many, the best player.

Ivall did some good work, though he was considerably at fault in running so far out of his goal. The proceeds of the gate amounts to £14 16s

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

Anderson, H. Littleton, J. M. Morty, H. Street, E. M. Pyke, J/ Henry, S. Beasley, S. Clements, A. Gomm, J. C. Talyforth, F. Moore (c).


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