Slough Put Out Of Cup By Generals

Chesham Generals

Chesham Generals

Slough Town

Slough Town

Abrams (unknown)
B&B Senior Cup Unknown
Slough unexpectedly bade adieu to their chances for the Berks & Bucks Senior Cup on Saturday, when they met Chesham Generals (who had defeated Windsor and Eton very luckily the previous week by a single point after two hours play), in the first round of the competition and were defeated by four goals to one.

The match took place away, and it was thought by many who journeyed down to Chesham to see it, that had it come off at home the locals would probably been victorious. The unevenness of the ground militated to a considerable extent against the visitors chances of success.

The locals being used to it, did not seem to mind it. Chesham got their first two goals before the game was twenty minutes old, and after that, till half time, the game was so evenly contested that nothing was scored.

In the second half, the local splayed a better game than they had in the initial portion, and in the end they left the field with a margin of three goals in their favour. Their score was four goals, while Slough scored one, which was from the foot of Abrams.

The team was the same as had appeared the previous week, except that J. New took Leach's place and H. Lumby that of Bubb.

It was the first time that Lumby has played this season, and we hear that he will now frequently don the town's colours.

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