Slough Out Of Cup To Royal Scots

Royal Scots Fus

Royal Scots Fus

Unknown (48), Unknown (2-1)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Leach (13)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
Slough bade farewell - for this season at any rate - to their chances for the Amateur Cup. Their opponents were the Royal Scots Fusiliers, one of the best military teams in Aldershot, but though that is so their victory was hardly earned.

The match was to have taken place at Aldershot, but on a guarantee being offered, the soldiers appeared only to pleased to come to Slough, were having won the toss, they elected to attack the pavilion goal.

Brades therefore toed the ball into play, and there then followed one of the fastest and most exciting games that has ever taken place on the Dolphin Ground. The elevens were as evenly matched as it was possible for them to have been. As a natural sequence, each end of the field was therefore visited in very rapid succession.

But though tat was so, some little time elapsed before either team found the net, and it is also rather strange to relate that in their efforts to do so the ball never once got behind the posts, the shots that were put in all being dealt with summarily by the respective custodians.

When the game was 13 minutes old, some clever passing all along the line resulted in Bubb passing to Brades who put in a stinger. So fast did the ball go in, that the custodian, being hard pressed by the Slough forwards, was unable to get it away and Leach, stepping away from his fellows, very adroitly put it into the net, amid loud applause.

This encouraged the homesters played with such gusto that it was thought by many of those who lined the ropes - the attendance by the bye, was the largest that has been seen on the ground this year - that Slough would run out easy winners.

The unexpected, as usual, happened. After the refresher, the local fell away to such an extent that before three minutes had elapsed the military had run right through and scored, and they repeated their performance a couple of minutes later.

But though this was so, the favourites continued for some little time to play an indifferent game. At last, however, inspired by Stacey, who throughout played a splendid game, they pulled themselves together, and after that the game was every bit as exciting as it was during the initial portion. Abram's runs were loudly applauded, but though he centred well, never once did any of his comrades do the necessary - their opponents backs were far too active to give them a chance.

So hardly did the Slough men press, that the soldiers towards the end of the game began to introduce a little roughness, but though Ridout was twice hurt, it is only fair to say that there was not a great deal of feeling displayed.

Shortly after, while a fierce fight was being waged around the visitors stronghold, time was called, the military having won by the narrow margin of one goal.

Royal Scots Fus Lineup

Private Laurie, Private Taylor, Private McPhillips, Corporal McQuhae, Private Naden, Private Tierney, Drummer Bute, Private Murdock, Private Liddle, Private Campbell, Private Pelham.


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