Bristol Record Big Win Over Slough

Bristol South End

Bristol South End

Unknown (1-0), Unknown (2-0), Unknown (3-0), Unknown (4-0), Unknown (5-1)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Abrams (4-1)
FA Cup Attendance: 800 Unknown
Slough took what looked like a strong team to meet Bristol South End, C. D. Fisher, their old captain and excellent back, accompanying them. The match was looked forward to with great interest, and a keen struggle was anticipated. Unfortunately, torrents of rain fell in the morning and the early part of the afternoon, and the attendance was only about 800.

Rain feel for the first ten minutes of the game, but then kept off till the whistle below for the last time. The ground was somewhat slippery and play ruled slow. Slough kicked off, and with pretty passing got right up to goal. They were soon driven back and in the first quarter of an hour, South End scored twice. Finch having stopped a fierce attack was again beaten, the home team notching a third point.

The visitors broke away again and again, and would have scored on more than one occasion but for the excellent goalkeeping of the Bristol custodian. Despite the hard work of the Slough defence, South End were not to be denied and again scored.

Just before the interval, Abrams obtained a goal, and the half time registered was Bristol South End 4 goals, Slough 1 goal.

On resuming the visitors had more of the game and several times looked very dangerous, but they proved weak when close to goal. The home team notched a fifth point, and the game ended Bristol South End 5 goals, Slough 1 goal.

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