The Royalists Win A Hard Game

Slough Town

Slough Town

Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

Hiley (0-1)
League Attendance: 2000
These local rivals arranged a League match at the Dolphin Ground on Easter Monday afternoon, and as there was nothing else going on in the town, the fixture proved a strong attraction. Close on 2000 people were present when the game started, a very large contingent coming over from Windsor.

Windsor were the first to attack, but they were quickly repulsed, and Towell got away for Slough only to be pulled up by Holtum. Then came a tussle in front of the home goal, though the backs averted danger.

A few minutes later there was a spell of excitement in the Slough twenty five. Murkett put in a shot, and Werrell ran out, but missed and fell. Wilmot stepped into the breach and cleared. A smart run by Hancock took play to the opposite end. Speake intercepted the centre, and beating the backs, drove in a shot which Paice turned over the bar. The
corner was got away, and Weblin ran up and essayed a lengthy shot, which went the wrong side of the post.

The pace continued fast and both Werrell and Paice had to clear in turn. Bragg also tried a long shot which Werrell had no difficulty in getting away. Then from a good pass by Towell, Speake got a capital pass, and, evading the backs, ran right into goal. It was an anxious moment, but Paice came out and took the leather right off Speake's toes, thus
preventing him from getting in a shot.

Palmer returned the ball just over the bar. Wilkins got in a good run and centre, but the left wing dallied and Wilmot sent out of danger. After Werrell had saved from Murkett, Mines dribbled down and shot by.

Windsor quickly returned to the fray, but Murkett spoiled the effort by shooting wildly over the bar. Another fine run and centre by Wilkins was intercepted by Stewart, and Steptoe cleared.

Slough again came away, and Mines put Speake in a good position, but he failed to avail himself of the opportunity. Towell shot straight but minus power, and Paice easily cleared.

Then Speake again got through the centre and looked like scoring. Seeing the danger Paice rushed out and this caused Speake to shoot wide. Windsor gained a corner, which was nicely taken, but Steptoe headed away.

Weblin returned the leather and Murkett netted from an offside position. Just after Hiley missed an opening by shooting right across the goal mouth when close in. Slough attacked, but the forwards found Holtum and Shuttle always on the alert.

From a well judged pass by Wilkins. Skinner tried a long shot, which Werrell dealt with. Bragg also sent in a high shot which the custodian caught and booted out of danger. From an unmarked position Skinner had another attempt to lower the Slough colours, but Werrell was not to be beaten by ordinary shots and he cleared with two of the opposing forwards paying him close attention.

Just after Werrell brought off a magnificent save from a shot by Wilkins. Wilmot and Steptoe also checked a rush and then the Slough forwards dashed away and Holtum was loudly applauded for a brilliant individual effort which got play out of danger.

After Werrell had saved from Simmons, there was an exciting incident in front of the Slough target. Taking a well-judged centre from Wilkins, Hiley got through, but Werrell brought off another admirable clearance and at half-time the score sheet was a blank.

On the resumption the homesters speedily became aggressive but it was only of brief duration, and then Wilkins raced away assisted by Bragg, and from their pass Hiley got in a shot at close range, which Werrell negatived.

Directly after a bad miss by Skinner let in Hancock, who shot from an oblique angle. Paice pushed his right foot forward and was somewhat lucky in saving his goal, the effort raising a hearty cheer.

The first goal came seven minutes from the restart and was credited to Windsor. It was a most useful one, as this being the only goal obtained, it carried a brace of points with it.

It was brought about by a miss kick on the part of Steptoe, which proved fatal. Hiley fastened on to the ball, dribbled close in and beat Werrell amidst a tremendous cheer from the Royalists.

Slough made a game effort to get on even terms, but twice in succession the left win players were pulled up for infringing the offside rule.

Receiving a long pass from Skinner, Wilkins raced away, but shot behind. After Windsor had pressed for a time, Speake set Hancock going, but Paice stopped his shot. Again Windsor came down in a line and Hiley caused some trouble, until the backs eventually transferred the globe to less dangerous quarters.

A couple of fouls against Skinner rather jeopardised Windsor, but the backs had still to be beaten. A long shot by Palmer was fisted away by Paice. Speake also got in a beauty which the goalkeeper cleared after colliding with Palmer.

Once more the visitors took up the running and Wilkins forced a corner, but this, like its successor, proved abortive.

Just after Wilmot, when passed, sent the ball back to Werrell. Before the latter could clear, Hiley fastened on to him and the goalkeeper pushed the globe round the post for a corner, which brought no definite result.

Hiley was applauded for some smart work, which ended in his shooting over the crossbar.

Windsor pressed and despite a couple of corners, there was no addition to the score and so the visitors won a keen struggle by one goal to nil.

Windsor & Eton Lineup


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