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Sat Apr 13

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Sat Apr 13 15:00
The Vanarama National League South

2nd Scots Guards

2nd Scots Guards

Newlands (1-0), Tattersall (2-0, 4-0), Little (3-0)
Slough Town

Slough Town

These local teams met on Saturday on the Household Brigade ground at Clewer, in beautiful, springlike weather. Owing, however, to the attraction at Balloon Meadow, there was not a very large attendance.

Slough were not fully represented, those unable to play including Denton, Toole, Leat and Towell.

The ground was in excellent order, and a very pleasant game was witnessed. The Guards won decisively by four goals to nil, but the score does not accurately represent the game.

The Guards won the toss, and during the opening half kicked towards the river goal, with a strong sun at their backs. The soldiers at once pressed and tried a shot from the left wing, but the bail was cleared, and Slough went down and gained a corner. Wright put in a capital centre, and Palmer had a fine chance to score but sent the ball high over the bar.

Then the Guards had a turn, but Newman got offside, and from the free kick Slough attacked Palmer received the ball and dropped it almost under the bar, Bennett saving
at the expense of a corner, which proved fruitless.

Slough still pressed, and a corner kick was capitally taken by Rosewarne, but the ball was got safely away. The Guards again made tracks for the other end, and a corner followed their attack. This was wall taken, and Werrell cleared very smartly. The soldiers kept up the pressure and Weston headed in, but Werrell again cleared.

In the next minute, however, Newlands scored easily. Werrell ran out to meet the ball, and Palmer rushed up to try and dear, impeded the custodian, and Newlands put the ball into the net.

Slough woke up a bit after this and Bennett saved from Rosewarne. Slough continued to press and gained two corners, bat nothing definite recalled.

Then the Guards put on pressure, and Werrell saved finely from Little and he dealt cleverly with a shot from Newman in the next minute. Half time arrived with the score 2nd Scots Guards 1 goal, Slough nil

It was thought with the sun behind them Slough would do better, but although they attacked frequently, the forwards were weak in the shooting department, and the Guards easily kept them out.

Just after the restart, Speke hurt, but he quickly resumed. Then Slough attacked, and Dorrington put in a capital shot, which Bennett smartly tipped over the bar. The corner was excellently taken, but the ball was sent down the field, and Werrell had to get rid of a good shot just after. The Scots got almost into the goal with the ball, but the custodian cleared.

The home side still attacked, and Newland passed the leather to Weston, who shot over the bar, thus missing a good chance of adding to the score. After some give and take play, a melee took place in the Guards goal, and Slough looked like scoring, but the Scots luckily got the ball away.

They took up the attack, and gained a corner, which was well taken. The ball struck a corner post and came out to Tattersall, who trapped it and banged it into the net, thus putting the Guards two up.

Shortly after this, Newlands head came into contact with the head of his opponent, and he received a nasty cut. "First Aid" was rendered, and he was taken into a home by the racecourse. Here his head was bandaged, and Newlands quickly returned to the field.

The blood continued to flow, however, and he had to retire, leaving the Guards with then men. When the game was resumed, Slough pressed, and Bennett had to run out to save. Slough now tried hard to score, and repeatedly attacked, but they had no luck in front of goal.

Dorrington and Speke both tried to net the ball, but Bennett luckily cleared, and the Guards transferred the leather to the other end, and Little scored a lovely goal, the ball hitting under the crossbar and going into the net.

After this, the Scots gained a corner, and Slough went away. Dorrington looked certain to score but over-ran the ball as he was about to shoot, and Bennett cleared.

Then Rosewarne shot by, when in a good position to score. A few minutes before ethe end Tattersall put in a splendid long shot and the ball went over Werrell’s head into the net. Nothing further occurred and the final score read 2nd Scots Guards 4 goals, Slough nil.

2nd Scots Guards Lineup

Bennett; Grundy, Fraser; Howson, Tattersall, Stone; Pryde, Weston, Newlands, Little, Newman.


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