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Wed Apr 17

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Hemel Hempstead Town (H)
Wed Apr 17 14:00
The National League U19 Alliance

Slough Town

Slough Town

Speake (5, 40), Joel (41)


These teams met in the League contest on Saturday afternoon at the Dolphin. There was a fairly good attendance, but owing to the late arrival of the visitors, it was nearly quarter to four before ethe game started, with Slough attacking the Uxbridge road goal.

The homesters attacked at the first and gained a corner which was got away. Southall retalisated and the home goal had several narrow escapes. Werrell and Steptoe saving well directed shots.

Five minutes from the start the Slough forwards broke away and opened the scoring. Speake dodged the backs and although Kirby followed at his heels, he got in a beautiful shot which beat the goalkeeper.

A run by Woods saw Southall attacking, but Werrell was in champion form and stopped shots from Woods, Ballard, and Roach. Eventually the pressure was relieved and the Slough forwards got going, Joel having a good try.

A second later a capital effort from the same player called on Hodge to clear. Speake met the goalies return and drove it the wrong side of the upright.

Another burst by Southall looked dangerous, but Werrell ran out and checked the rush with three players in close attendance.

The visitors were now playing for all they were worth and tried hard to equalise. A corner to them proved futile and then Johnson got in a lengthy well directed shot, which Werrell just managed to turn over the bar and the consequent corner was got away.

This carried play to the opposite end, but the only result was a corner kick which was sent behind the goal line.

The passing of the Southall forwards was very smart. Woods was left too much on his own, and from an unchallenged position he got in a rattling shot, but Werrell was on alert and cleared.

The ball was returned and during an exciting struggle the visitors looked like equalising until Werrell rushed out put the leather behind, bowling over two opponents as he did so.

The corner was nicely judged, but once again Werrell came bounding out amidst a crowd of opponents and fisted away. After this Slough returned to the fray and Speak nipped through the backs and made a bee line for goal. The only thing possibly for Hodge to do was to make a straight dash and this is what he did. Instead of touching the back one side and dodging the goalkeeper, Speake drove the ball towards the target, with the result that the custodian saved what appeared a certain goal.

A good run by Wood transferred play, and a pass to Roach enabled him to test Werrell, but “Georgie” was not to be beaten. Then five minutes from the interval Denton broke away and set Mines going. The latter beat Austin and passing back nicely to Speake, that player finished the effort by sending the ball spinning into the net.

Within a minute Slough obtained a third goal. It was led up to Dorrington, who raced up the wing, dodged Kirby and put in a fine centre which Mines headed straight for goal. Hodge fisted out but Joel met the return and before the goalkeeper could recover sent it into the net. In a few minutes the half time whistle sounded and Slough crossed over three up.

On changing end Speake tested Hodge with a real beauty, which the latter was applauded for saving. Early in the second half play became somewhat vigorous and the referee did not keep the game well in hand. Had he done so several unpleasant incidents might have been avoided. As it was play deteriorated and became uninteresting.

Slough tried very hard to reduce Slough’s lead. Once Werrell ran out to check a rush on his charge and was kicked on the jaw whilst he was in the act of saving.

Still the visitors pegged away and Werrell had to clear from Roach. Shortly after Ballard put in a brilliant shot which Werrell turned over the bar. Then the game slackened down a bit but eventually Slough forwards got going and twice the tactics of Austin were rather shady. Each time the linesman signalled for a foul but the referee took no notice.

This happened a third time when Speake was tripped by Austin. The Slough man resented this and the players came to blows, with the result that both received marching orders from the referee.

Then the play became rather rough on either side and the referee hardly seemed strong enough to keep it in hand. Woods made a good effort for his side but the ball rolled across the goal mouth and went behind. Ballard also shot straight, but Werrell cleared.

A splendid run by Joel and Dorrington ended in the latter getting in a rattling good shot which Hodge saved. Following a foul against Whiteman for holding Woods, Ballard shot hard and straight, but he found Werrell hard to beat.

Mutual exchanges followed to the end but no further scoring took place and Slough retired victors by three goals to none.

Southall Lineup

Hodge; Austin, Kirby; Willis, Johnson, Hazell; Cromwell, Locke, Ballard, Roach, Woods.


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