Slough Town

Slough Town

Speake (60)
2nd Scots Guards

2nd Scots Guards

Weston (61), Newlands (1-2)
Following the success of Slough the previous week, the attendance at the Dolphin on Saturday was slightly improved, when the visitors were the 2nd Scots Guards.

There was one change in the home team as announced, F. R. Whiteman taking the place of E. J. Leat. It was 3.30 before the players got off the mark, the Guards having the advantage of a strong wind.

Several long but not well directed shots were tried at the start, and then Weston got in a banger, which Werrell skilfully stopped. Then Poole set the home forwards going, and the leather being sent out to Rosewarne, which that player drove hard into the side of the net.

The Guards' backs relieved the pressure and the ball was quickly at the opposite end, where a corner was gained, This was placed with judgment, and Werrell ran out and cleared.

Good passing was spoilt by the wind, and after a futile attempt had been made by the Slough forwards, Little shot over the bar. A burst away by the homesters gave Rosewarne an opportunity to centre, but he cut it a little too fine and once again the ball crashed into the side of the netting.

Give and take play followed, but owing to the wind it was of a somewhat ragged order. Some good play by Newlands for the soldiers enabled Corporal Howson to let drive at a straight one, which Werrell booted away, the wind curving the ball round the upright.

The corner was nicely taken and Tattersall headed in, but Werrell fisted away. Just after the Guards came up with a rush and Banks tried a long ground shot which went the
wrong side of the post.

For a time the Slough defence was severely tested and Steptoe conceded a corner, which was easily got out of danger. Matters looked dangerous on one occasion when the Guardsmen's front rank got through. Werrell rushed out and cleared. In doing so he collided with Banks, who had to retire for a few minutes.

After this Slough attacked, and from a capital centre by Rosewarne, Whiteman had a fine chance which he however did not avail himself of. Following an abortive
corner for the Guards, Little got away from a miskick by Wilmot. Tricking Poole and Steptoe he ran right in, but spoilt a good effort by kicking wide. A ripping centre by Newlands made another opening for Little, but Chester rushed back and intercepted his shot at the expense of a corner, which Werrell saved by conceding a second but fruitless corner.

A misunderstanding between Steptoe and Poole nearly proved fatal. It left Weston with an open goal, though his shooting was faulty.

A fine piece of play by Speake led to Urquhart having to save his charge, and at half-time the score sheet was a blank.

With the wind in their favour it was thought that Slough would more than hold their own, and so they did for a time. A well-placed corner by Smith led to a smart tussle in from of the soldiers' citadel, but the only outcome was a second corner which was got away.

A free kick just outside the penalty area for a foul on Denton was allowed Slough, but Fraser cleared. Then the Guards broke away and Newman put in a dangerous curling shot which Werrell judged and sent up the field.

The soldiers returned to the attack and twice Werrell had to clear. Slough retaliated and several shots were put in and dealt with by Urquhart. Rosewarne forced a corner, and
from the rebound Chester directed a beauty, which the custodian punched out. Speake trapped the leather and speedily returned. This time the goalkeeper stopped, but after some juggling with the ball allowed it to pass over his head into the net.

Thus Slough opened the scoring a quarter of an hour after the cross over. The homesters, however, were not destined to hold the lead long, for within a minute the speedy Newlends, who had changed places with Banks, broke away. Steptoe overhauled him but when tackled Newlands passed out to Weston, who with an open field ran right down and scored a good goal.

After this Slough pressed hard for a time, and Chester put in a clinking shot which the goalkeeper saved at the expense of a corner. In about as many minutes Slough were awarded four corners, all of which were well directed by Rosewarne, but the soldiers' defence was sound.

The homesters continued to attack, but eventually Newlands, who had been awaiting his opportunity, broke away from the entire line. He showed a clean pair of heels to Wilmot and getting within a few yards of Werrell had no difficulty in giving his side the lead.

With but a quarter of an hour to go Slough made a big effort to equalise, but with the Guards' defence at its best they never got out of hand until a couple of minutes from time, when a splendid centre by Rosewarne should have been converted. The opportunity was lost and so the Guards retired victors by two goals to one.

2nd Scots Guards Lineup

Sgt. Urquhat; Pvt. Fraser, Pvt. Grundy; Corpl. Howson, Pvt. Tattersall, Pvt. Stone; Pvt. Newlands, Pvt. Weston, Pvt. Banks, Pvt. Little, Pvt. Newman.


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