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Wed Apr 17

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Wed Apr 17 14:00
The National League U19 Alliance

Slough Town

Slough Town

Denton (1-1), Own Goal (2-1), Speake (3-1)
Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Gray (60)
Played at the Dolphin Ground on Saturday before a fair attendance of spectators. Slough turned out the same team as announced with the exception that Speake took the place of Luke at centre.

The weather was fine, but the turf was a little greasy. Shortly after the start Speake got through the backs and had only the goalkeeper in front of him. He ran right in but shot straight at Hedges who cleared.

A fine run by Rosewarne ended in Dorrington heading by. A few minutes later Rosewarne netted from an offside position. The Norfolkians pressed and Werrell cleared at a dangerous moment scooping the ball away whilst on the ground.

Snapes broke away on the Maidenhead left wing but Werrell ran out and saved at a critical moment. Just after the Norfolkians attacked strongly and once again Werrell
came to the rescue.

From a pass by Wheeler, Harrington got in a lively shot which hit the crossbar and rebounded into play when it was cleared — a bit of luck for Slough. The homesters took up the running and from a pass by one of the halves Rosewarne banged in a clinking shot.

Dorrington was applauded for some clever footwork. The Norfolkians pressed but the work of the forwards was frequently nullified through Snapes getting offside.

Once Wheeler had a splendid opening but shot high over the bar. Then came an unpleasant incident. Swain and Dorrington were struggling for possession of the
Leather, but the former kept his opponent off by butting him with his head. Dorrington resented this unfair method and words followed with the result that the referee ordered off not only Swain, the aggressor, but also Dorrington.

After this Maidenhead played one back and Slough had some difficulty in conforming to the offside rule. The Norfolkians pressed and from a low screw shot by Frewin, Werrell let the ball pass through his hands, Snapes who was standing close to the goalpost neglected to accept the opportunity and the leather rolled by for a corner.

During a sharp attack by Slough Rosewarne directed a splendid shot which Hedges saved, and Whiteman kicked by. Then Snapes had a fine chance to open the scoring. He got right away, but when close in front of Werrell he lost his judgment and the leather went yards wide of the target.

At half-time the score sheet was a blank.

On crossing over the Norfolks were first to get off the mark and Scopes tested Werrell with a beauty but the goalie was in grand form and saved. After Gray , who had changed places with Wheeler, had tried a long shot, Slough went down, and Denton had a real chance, but he shot without any energy when alone in and the goalkeeper had no difficulty in clearing.

A corner for Slough was well placed, though Hedges saved at the expense of a second corner which was got away. Then the Norfolks lost another opportunity of taking the lead, when Gray broke away and got within a yard or two of the goal. Seeing danger was imminent Werrell rushed straight out and brought off a really magnificent save.

Pressure by Maidenhead brought out some fine defensive work by Wilmot. At the opposite end Rosewarne got in another clinking centre, which the man on the left wing allowed to roll harmlessly outside.

After a quarter of an hour's play Whiteman allowed Snapes to get possession on the left wing. He put in a shot which Werrell came out to clear and as he did so, Gray popped the bail into the other end of the goal right out of reach of Werrell.

A foul just outside the penally area looked dangerous for Slough but the leather was sent behind. Ten minutes later following some capital footwork by Rosewarne, a corner was awarded to Slough. This was nicely taken by the outside right, and Denton equalised the score.

Within a minute Slough took the lead. It was led up by a fine run and shot from Speake. The goalkeeper came out to clear, but one of the Maidenhead halves in his anxiety to have the goal rushed up and put the goalkeeper and ball into the net.

The Norfolks had a splendid chance to equalise from kick off. All five forwards got away and though palpably offside the referee decided otherwise. Werrell came out with the results that Gray shot wide to the relief of the Slough supporters.

A couple of minutes later Speake put Slough further ahead. He beat the back in a struggle and got right away. The goalkeeper came out to meet him, but Speake dodged one side and scored an easy goal.

After this the homesters relaxed their efforts and the Norfolkians made a big effort to reduce the lead, but Wilmot and Werrell were very safe, and the visitors shooting was very bad.

Once Speake was badly fouled as he was getting through, and the referee allowed the infringement just as Towell drove the ball into the net. Towards the close the Slough forwards pressed and Rosewarne put in some fine work. However, no further scoring took place and the result was a win for Slough by three goals to one.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

Hedges; Swain, Adaway; Gray, Sanders, Hunter; Frewin, Harrington, Wheeler, Griffen, Snapes.


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