Chesham United

Chesham United

Wheeler (1, 10-1 pen), Stillman (2-1, 8-1), King (3-1, 5-1, 6-1, 9-1), Humphrey (4-1), Hayes (7-1)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Millman (1-1)
B&B Senior Cup
Slough journeyed to Chesham on Saturday to meet the Town team in the Senior Cop Competition.

Owing to delay in the tram service the visitors were late in arriving and it was not until 3:45 that Stillman kicked off for the homesters, in the presence of about 300 spectators, the turf being in a very bad condition.

The game was only a minute old when Wheeler ran through and scored with a peculiar shot, Werrell being baffled by the bounce of the ball.

Wheeler, who had been assisting Watford frequently this season, was repeatedly prominent. Slough took some little time to settle down, but then they did not trouble Webb.

The ground was so greasy that the players had the greatest difficulty in keeping in a horizontal position. From a pass by Gomm, Hayes shot and Werrell brought off a fine save.

Wheeler hit the cross bar from clone range, and in clearing Leat conceded a corner which proved abortive. From a pass by Gomm, King received a pass a few foot from the goal line, bat again Werrell saved grandly from his shot.

Chesham attacked and when Leat had dispossessed Stillman, Werrell stopped a shot from Wheeler. Shortly after Millman equalised with a long shot, the leather wriggling through Webb's hands.

At this point Wilmot and Whiteman changed places. Slough were not destined to be on level terms for long, for Stillman put Chesham ahead from a corner kick after Werrell had partially saved.

From a good shot by Gomm. Werrell put behind, but the corner kick was cleared. Once Stillman got clean away, but Leat beat him. Shortly before the interval King beat Werrell again when standing in. The shot went clean through the net, and the referee consulted the linesmen and custodian before allowing the point. At half time the score was 1—3 against Slough.

The ball had scarcely been restarted before Humphrey beat Werrell again and although the goal appeared offside it was allowed.

Tho homesters continued to be aggressive and Werrell saved from King at the expense of a corner. From a free kick, taken by Wilmot, Slough had hard luck in not scoring.

Before many minutes had elapsed, King netted again, but as Worrell considered Stillman, who had previously played the ball, was offside he appealed accordingly and made no attempt to stop the shot, which counted all the same.

Keeping up the pressure Hayes missed an easy chance of converting a pass by Wheeler, but King subsequently made good the mistake, and following a run through scored a sixth goal.

Slough then attacked for a time, but the forwards were not seen to advantage and the ball soon returned to the opposite end where Hayes added a seventh goal with a shot which gave Werrell no possible chance of negotiating.

Just after Stillman brought the record to 1—8 with a splendid shot. From a slip by Wilmot, King gained possession and beat Werrell who failed in an attempt to rob him of the ball.

As if Chesham had not enough goals a penalty was awarded them for a foul by Steptoe on Wheeler, and the latter scored the tenth goal from the place kick.

Even this was not the extent of the scoring, for just before time Wheeler scored a beautiful goal from a corner kick, and Chesham thus won by the huge score of eleven goals to one.

Chesham United Lineup

Webb; Humphrey, D. Wight; Pearce, Moulder, Spicer; Gomm, Hayes, Stillman, King, Wheeler.


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