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Wed Apr 17

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Wed Apr 17 14:00
The National League U19 Alliance



Wyatt (1-1), Foot (2-1, 50, 6-1, 8-1), Roberts (4-1, 7-1) Unknown (5-1)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Towell (1-0)
These teams met in their League encounter on Saturday, when the ground was very greasy.

Uxbridge pressed hard at the start, but their shooting was poor. From a good pass by Poole. Towell ran right away and scored a beautiful goal.

Then following an amazing scrimmage in front of Hartwell, but Towell put the ball over the line.

Luke was pulled up when well placed. Give and take play followed the ball being difficult to control. Werrell saved well from Buttram. Then Commins went away and centred well, though Wyatt put by very wide, but soon after Wyatt equalised. The Slough forwards got going and Luke made a good effort from a pass by Leat, but Hartwell saved.

Werrell brought off a fine save from Roberts and Foot missed a good chance, whilst Roberts had another good try and struck the cross bar. Just before half time, Werrell saved again from Roberts, but Foot beat the custodian and the teams crossed over with Uxbridge leading by two goals to one.

After the exchange Slough started well and Poole was pulled up when in a dangerous positions and Hartwell brought off a fine save from Denton.

Five minutes from the restart, Uxbridge increased their lead through the agency of Foot, who put in a shot which gave Werrell no possible chance. Uxbridge continued to have the best of the deal, and from a splendid centre by Wyatt, Roberts evaded Whiteman and beat Werrell a fourth time.

Quite a bombardment of the Slough goal followed, and eventually the homesters registered a fifth goal. After a couple of corners Foot score again from what appeared an offside position.

Uxbridge continued in a scoring mood, and after Werrell had partly saved from Wyatt, Roberts beat him. Just before the finish, Werrell ran out to clear but Foot got possession and put into an empty goal bring the record up to 8-1, at which it stood when time was called.

In the first half Uxbridge took matters easy, and Slough showed up well, the combination of the forwards being capital. On crossing over the Uxbridge front line displayed fine form and could do nothing wrong. Leat, who had been playing outside right dropped back, but failed to check the winners, who ought to have been penalised once or twice for impeding Werrell.

Uxbridge Lineup

Hartwell; Watkins, Ayres; Fulker, Beach, Stanley; Commins, Foot, Roberts, Buttram, Wyatt.


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