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Brentford Res.

Brentford Res.

McDonald (0-1), Laud (0-2), Unknown (0-3 pen)
These teams met at the Dolphin Ground on Saturday in a League encounter. Slough started with ten men owing to the absence of E. Smith, G. F.'s brother, who sent a wire to say it was impossible for him to get away.

W. Steptoe subsequently filled the vacancy. Hardly had the game started when Brentford rushed a goal. Syrad put in a capital centre which Werrell came out to clear, but was impeded by Gilbert, and McDonald headed the leather into the net.

Slough strongly appealed against the goal being allowed on the grounds that Werrell had been impeded, but the referee allowed the point. Soon after Steptoe completed the Slough team, but almost directly Denton received a nasty kick on the thigh and had to retire.

He returned again later, but his service was of little value after. The Brentford forwards gave a good display, but Werrell, Leat and Wilmot were in excellent form and kept them at bay.

Leat especially being energetic. Desmond, B Smith and Luke occasionally did splendid work in the front line, the two wing men getting in some lovely centres, but Luke was too well guarded to turn them to account.

Syrad played a dashing game for Brentford, and the backs had all their work cut out to keep him in check, Brentford forced several comers but none of them came to anything. Werrell clearing brilliantly several times.

Another misfortune befell the homesters just before half time, when Whiteman was injured and had to retire, and this left Slough with practically nine men. Leat went up to centre half and Steptoe came back with Wilmot, whilst B. Smith dropped back at left half.

Slough crossed over a goal behind and for some time they played with great energy, and the forwards gave the visitors' custodian a good deal of trouble. Luke drove in a straight one from a free kick which the goalkeeper just reached, and B. Smith followed with a shot which almost went home.

Whiteman had returned at half time, but soon after Denton had to leave. From this point the visitors had the lion's share of the game and Laud scored their second goal. Shortly before time a penalty was awarded Brentford through Chester handling, which was successfully converted, and the homesters were then beaten by three goals to nil.

Brentford Res. Lineup

Wise; Cleverly, Howarth; Cowley, Laud, Blackall; Syrad, Grassam, Gilbert, McDonald, Walker.


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