Guards Romp To Six Goal Win

Irish Guards

Irish Guards

Daly (1-0), McMillan (2-0, 3-0), Fox (4-0, 5-0), Teanby (6-0)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Although the 1st Battalion Irish Guards still have to engage Wycombe Wanderers (at home) and Hanwell and Reading Reserves (away), midweek matches, in the Great Western Suburban Leage, the completed their Saturday fixtures last week when they easily disposed of Slough by six goals to none.

The weather was rather on the warm side, but nevertheless the game was fast and interesting, the turf being in fine condition.

The Guards won the toss and elected to have the wind at their backs in the first half, although a brilliant sun was right in their eyes. The home eleven were the first to be aggressive, but it was some time before the defence of either side was seriously called upon.

The Irishmen were the first to gain any real advantage, Fox taking a pass by Teanby and shooting close by the posts. This roused the Bucks team, and Cox and Wright made some spirited advances towards Corpl. Duane. The former gained a corner, but the Slough lacked finishing power, and this led up to some good passing by F. Heaney and Daly, McMillan was within an ace of scoring, Crocker only just beating the Guardsman by coming out of goal.

Once Knott broke away for Slough, but the Irish backs were in great form and continually kept the ball on the move into the visitors' quarters. Frequently Crocker had to save shots from Fox and Niland, and had not Wilmot ever been on the move, kicking and tackling with good judgment, his goal would certainly have fallen.

For some little time Slough spoilt the game by the one back tactics and the referee's whistle was constantly going for offside against the Irishmen. Eventually the Guards' right wing got dangerous. Daly caught a swinging pass, and, letting drive, found the net amid cheering.

A corner immediately followed this in favour of the home club, and for ten minutes Slough were penned in. Cox eventually led Slough away and, passing Roden on the run, looked like meeting with some success, but Corporal Duane saved twice from a
cluster of players.

Before half-time the soldiers scored again, after some individual effort by Drummer Teanby. Finally centring, McMillan headed into the net out of the reach of Crocker.

On resuming, the Irishmen against the wind attacked at the opening of the second half, but Slough gained the first bye. The Bucks forwards lacked shooting power, and the shots that were sent in gave Corporal Duane very little trouble to save.

For the next ten minutes the Soldiers had the best of the game, some good chances of scoring being missed. Three times the ball went over the crossbar. Fox, Teanby, McMillan, Niland and Daly all rained in shots as bad as they could, but to no effect.

The home halves were eventually sent back, but it was not for long, as O'Rourke, Roden, and Heaney kept the ball close to goal, and this enabled McMillan to score No. 3 close in.

Slough retaliated, but seemed quite unable to get together. Corpl. Fox dribbled through all opposition and scored a brilliant goal. Few minutes had elapsed when the same player gave another fine exhibition on the right. Taking a pass from O'Rourke, he went close in and scored No. 5 with one of the best shots seen on the ground this season.

Once the game veered round, but the soldiers continued to press, and right to the finish the chances of Slough were very poor indeed. Nevertheless, they played the game like sportsmen.

Just before time the Irishmen made the score the half-dozen by the aid of Teanby, and so ended a pleasant game, in which the best team won by six goals to none.

Irish Guards Lineup

Corp. Duane; Pte Heaney, Dr Weeks; Pte O’Rourke, Pte F. Heaney, Pte Roden; Corpl. Fox, Dr Teanby, Pte. Daly, Pte McMillan, Pte Niland.


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