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Fri Jul 5

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Fri Jul 5 19:45
The Vanarama National League South

Late Goal Wins It For Uxbridge

Slough Town

Slough Town



Nash (89)
Played at the Dolphin ground on Saturday afternoon. At the start the homesters had all the play and Palmer made several gallant attempts to get through, but the backs covered well and he was frustrated each time.

Then Uxbridge played up in a spirited manner, and Leat and Wilmot were given plenty to do. Slough returned, and Cox put in a swift shot which Cromack tipped over the bar, and the corner came to naught.

Knott got one through once, but was bustled by Underwood and shot wide. Neutral and uninteresting exchanges followed, and at half time the score sheet was blank.

Palmer, who had been injured early in the game, did not take any further part, whilst Hopkins received a kick which rendered him incapacitated.

Soon after the restart Battersea got In two hot shots, but each time the goalkeeper, who did very well, got the leather round the posts, and the corners brought no result. Several times the Uxbridge forwards broke away, and only the energy of Leat kept them from scoring.

Leat was responsible for a fine run up the right, and passed to Battersea, who was in a good position, but the latter was given offside just as he shot into the net.

Once Bailey beat Leat and got in a fine shot which Crocker saved at the expense of a corner. From a free kick for a foul against Berridge, Leat gave the custodian a warm handful, and Leat spoilt the subsequent chance by putting outside.

Just after, Nash made a good run, but failed at the final effort. The game slowed down considerably and just as it looked like a pointless draw, the Uxbridge left win cantered away, and a capital centre enabled Nash to beat Crocker.

In less than a minute the whistle sounded, leaving Uxbridge the winners by a goal to nil. Seeing that it was their reserve team, the first team being engaged in a cup final, it was a most credible performance on the part of the visitors.

Uxbridge Lineup

Cromack; Watkins, Underwood, Borridge, Flood, Beaker; Bailey, Maynard, Nash, Gregory, Battrum.


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