Slough Comfortably Beaten

Slough Town

Slough Town

Kent (1-3)


Tolman (6), Chadwick (0-2, 0-3)
These teams met at the Dolphin on Saturday. Owing to the non-appearance of Mr F. W. Barton, the appointed referee, the start was delayed until nearly four o’ clock when Mr C. Poole took charge of the whistle.

At the start the visitors had matters all their own way. Three corners were awarded and from one of these, six minutes from the start, Tolman sent in a beautiful shot which just touched Scriven as it turned into the net.

A good run by Kent brought Slough into the Hounslow territory and from a pass by Millman, Wilmot tried a shot. The visitors continued to have the best of the game for the first twenty minutes, the backs easily keeping the forwards in check.

After this Slough were more prominent. Once Kent got through and had only the goalkeeper to beat, but Anson saved at the expense of a corner, which was well put in and headed over.

Shortly after Wright forced another corner, which was placed well, but it was got away. A long pass by Leat enabled Millman to get in a good run and centre but the effort came to naught.

Just before half-time Hounslow gained a corner, from which Birtchnell saved a certain goal, and at the interval the visitors led by a goal to nothing.

After the exchange Slough were seen to much greater advantage, but the forwards were lamentably weak, add failed to make good use of their opportunities. A fine effort by Steptoe to score was frustrated by the goalkeeper, who just succeeded in turning a hot shot over the bar, and the corner was sent behind.

Later the goalkeeper caught a shot from Wright, and drove it up the field. Then Hounslow initiated a strong attack and Leat being lame was unable to get back to save the situation. Blrtchnell cleared once, but Chadwick got possession and scored a capital goal

Soon after this the Slough team was re-arranged, Wilmot dropping back, Millman taking his place at centre and Leat going outside right. This appeared to answer better, Leat getting in some fine centres. From one of these the goalkeeper indulged in a little gallery exhibition by bouncing the ball well up the field. Here he was grassed, and during his absence the leather was sent goalwards. A splendid shot was put in, and Gibson, who had dropped back in goal, fisted it out. A penalty was awarded, but Leat drove the ball high over the bar, and thus the back by taking the chance had saved a certain goal.

A few minutes later Leat put in a splendid shot which went wide. Hounslow broke away again, and a smart run by Tolman ended in Chadwick adding a third goal.

Then Slough woke up in a surprising fashion, and pressed almost continually to the end. A good bit of tricky work and centre by Leat enabled Kent to score a splendid goal. This was the extent of the scoring, and Slough were thus defeated by three goals to one.

Hounslow Lineup


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