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Slough Town

Slough Town

Pym (1-0)
Irish Guards

Irish Guards

The Irish Guards were the visitors to the Dolphin on Saturday afternoon in the Great Western Suburban League competition, but the Guardsmen did not attract a very large gate, as many of the Slough supporters had gone to Windsor to see the Junior Cup tie.

At one time it was doubtful if the climatic conditions would permit of football, but the sudden change on Friday made the frost relax its hold, and the ground was on the slippery side.

The homesters had again made several alterations in their team, whilst the Guards had one or two changes. At the start Slough had the best of the exchanges and ran through and forced a corner, which was got away.

Then Hopkins hit the side of the net with a fine shot. Directly after, Purrett worked his way through and put in a shot which went inches the wrong side of the post, the goalkeeper throwing himself full length in case the leather turned the other side of the post.

Aided by some good passing amongst the forwards the Guards attacked, and Niland hit the side of the net. From a mis-kick by Heaney, Kent got away and centred, and Serls put in a shot which struck the crossbar. The ball dropped in front of the goal but the custodian cleared at the expense of a corner. Some exciting play followed the place kick, but eventually the leather was got out of danger.

Another corner fell to Slough but it proved futile. Then the Guards' right wing centred up the field and Teanby tried a low swift drive which only just missed the target. Another corner to the homesters' brought no more result. Slough attacked for some time, but Duane brought off several good saves and prevented them from scoring. Good passing by the forwards brought the Guards well up the field and McMillan almost succeeded in getting through, but Leat effected a timely clearance, and just afterwards the home goalkeeper saved again at the expense of a corner, which was sent behind.

The ball travelled up and down for some time, and once McMillan got in a smart shot which Crocker saved, and a minute later he turned one of Fox's deliveries round the post. After the corner had been safely negotiated, Kent broke away from the half-way line, but he ended a capital run by shooting straight at the custodian who fisted away.

The ball was returned, and this time Duane conceded a corner. This was placed with splendid judgement by Kent, and Pym nicely headed the globe into the net.

Following this reverse, the Irishmen went at it with a will, and when Teanby got through at close quarters, matters looked dangerous for Slough, but Crocker got his shot away. Fox then got the ball, but was cleverly beaten by Leat who ran the leather down the field. Slough pressed severely for a time and shots were put in in quick succession by Serls, Palmer and Kent, but none of them met with any success, and at half-time the score was 1-0 in favour of Slough.

In the second half play was of rather a poor description, and aided by the wind the soldiers had the best of the game, and but for the energy and judgement of Leat, would probably have penetrated this Slough defence at an early stage. From the restart Kent forced a corner. Later the Guards attacked strongly and the home defence had a trying
time .

Once Niland put in a clinking shot, which Crocker safely negotiated. From a breakaway Serls had a go, and although the intention was good, the direction was at fault.

Again the Guardsmen initiated an attack, and Leat in attempting to clear gave a corner. This was very accurately placed, but Crocker sprang up and just touched the leather away, and Daly returned outside the upright.

A second corner was splendidly taken, and again Crocker was instrumental in bringing off a fine save. At this point Leat made one or two changes in the Slough team, Birtchnell and Palmer exchanging places with Pym and Steptoe.

After this the homesters repeatedly broke away , and Kent was responsible for a series of brilliant shots. The first one dropped right under the crossbar, but with the advantage of a wonderful reach, Duane turned the leather round the horizontal stick.

A moment later he swung in another hot shot, just outside the upright. Shortly after Kent beat both backs in a struggle and let fly at the goal, but again the custodian skilfully turned the ball over the bar. The corner was capitally placed and Palmer headed in, but Duane was not to be beaten, and be caught and threw away.

The Guards retaliated and Niland got in a splendid position for shooting, but he hesitated and was lost, for Leat came bounding up and the result of his shot was a corner, which was got away, only to be returned with a fine shot by O’Rorke, which however was not effective.

Following a run and centre by Kent, Purrett tested the goalkeeper and came off second best. There was no further scoring and the game resulted in a win for Slough by one goal to nil.

Irish Guards Lineup


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