Slough And Windsor Play Out A Draw

Slough Town

Slough Town

Warrell (68)
Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

Skinner (57)
League Attendance: 1750
The meeting of Slough and Windsor and Eton in the Suburban League was a great attraction on Saturday (Boxing Day) and between 1500 and 2000 persons visited the Dolphin.

Neither team were at full strength. Windsor being without Holamm and Rogers, whose places at back were taken by Wilkins and Shuttle. E. J. Leat, the home skipper, was also an absentee, but his place was well filled be West, who being on furlough, made a welcome reappearance in his old place at back.

It was just on 2.30 when the team entered the filed, this being the signal for rounds of applause. Windsor had brought over a huge contingent, several of their supporters bringing rattle and muffin bells, which they freely used these certainly did not assist the players and was anything but cheerful to the spectators, though perhaps this kid of enthusiasm is excusable on a Bank Holiday.

Slough won the toss and defended the Uxbridge Road goal. Windsor kicked off, and Young was tested in the first minute of the game. The homesters broke away and Warrell forced a corner of Shuttle. This was got away, and sided by a free kick the Windsor forwards romped away and earned a corner, which was sent behind. Kent was applauded for a fine run and centre, but Batterson missed a lovely chance through over anxiety. He was standing right in goal, but he delayed and Wilkins rushed up and cleared.

Venner and Simmons made attacks for the other end, the former booting across with judgment but A. J. Skinner shot outside the goalpost when in a favourable position.

Given and take play followed, the ball going up and down the field by means of long kicking, but there was an entire absence of combination on either side.

Another free kick enabled Windsor to get within measurable distance of the Slough goal, though Udell spoilt the chanced offered by shooting wide.

Then the Slough right wing transferred hostilities and several shots were put in, none of which reached the goalkeeper due to the energy of the backs. From a centre by A. J. Skinner, West made a weak kick straight to Moore who let drive, but the leather went outside of the post.

Slough again took up the attack and Mines and Poole both tried ineffective shots. Windsor returned, and from a smart centre by Venner, Moore shot into the hands of Crocker. The latter was too long in clearing, with the result that he was floored with the ball.

A sharp tussle ensued in front of the goal, but eventually Wilmot got the leather out of danger. A free kick for hands was taken by Shuttle, who shot hard when se should have given his forwards a chance. Just after Venner essayed a grand shot, the ball skimming the crossbar. Another good run and shot came from Venner, who was playing an excellent game.

Crocker, however, tipped the leather out to Wilmot and the latter cleared. Then Slough had a narrow escape. During pressure by Windsor Wilmot kicked hard on to Poole. A. J. Skinner caught the rebound but he did not steady himself and the ball went flying over. The shooting of the Windsor forwards at this point was very bad, many of the shots going nowhere near the target. From a pass of Udell, Moore headed in a really good shot but Crocker caught and threw away, and at half time the score sheet was a blank.

On restarting, Windsor went away but were quickly repulsed and Slough ran down and gained a corner which was badly taken. Following a run by Udell, Skinner rushed up and got in a shot, which Crocker saved at the expense of a corner. This was followed by a second, but neither of them were very cleverly negotiated and brought no result.

The game now became fast and exciting but the display of skill was not great. A foul against Moore brought Slough into the visitors twenty-five, but the attack was not of long duration. Down the field went the Windsor forwards and form a pass by Moore, Skinner, who had had several previous attempts, beat Crocker with an excellent shot twelve minutes after crossing over.

This success was hailed in a jubilant manner by the Royalists and their supporters, the bells and rattles intermingled with the shouts, creating a perfect din.

Udell again ran down the right, but was robbed by West before he could centre. Just after Udell got in a fine run and centre, his best effort during the afternoon, but Simmons completely missed and the leather rolled harmlessly outside.

For some time the visitors continued to have the best of the game, good work being done by Vennor and A.J. Skinner. Then Kent got away and taking the ball from the half way line, he finished p with a good shot, which Young stopped. The custodian, however, fumbled the leather and seeing his opportunity, Warrell sprung forward and banged it into the net before Young was aware of his approach. The equalising shot came twenty three minutes from the restart.

This naturally delighted the Slough spectators and caused a corresponding disappointment to the opposing forces. It also had a depressing effect upon the Windsor team, who were playing much below their usual form, and for a time, Slough continued to press.

Warrell put in a straight one and Shuttle sent by for a corner, which Wright put behind. Another fine run by Venner resulted in a corner. This was capitally placed and Skinner headed in a beauty. There was a tremendous shout of “goal” but the leather passed just over the top.

Exciting play continued in front of the Slough citadel, but a corner was the only result. Then Kent got away and from his centre Wright had a good try, but Wright intercepted. The game continued in this way to the end, but neither side added to the scoreline and the game therefore ended in a draw of one goal each.

Windsor & Eton Lineup

W. J. Young; A. E. Shuttle, W. H. Wilkins; D. Bragg, F. Weblin, E. Skinner; E. Udell, T. Simmons, B. Moore, A. J. Skinner, C. Venner.


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