Powell At The Double For Hounslow



Powell (10, 2-0)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Slough journeyed to Hounslow on Saturday and met the homesters in the League competition. Owing to the late start only forty minutes each way was played.

From the kick off Hounslow forced a corner which proved fruitless. Slough pressed for a short time only to find Hounslow retaliate, Chadwick spoiling a good chance by getting offside.

Ten minutes from the start Powell scored from a splendid pass by Tolman. Shortly after Tolman got in a good run from which a corner was forced. A long shot by Palmer caused Crocker a lot of trouble. A few minutes later Crocker ran out and collided with Harris. This left the goal at the mercy of Powell, who had no difficulty in scoring, the referee turning a deaf ear to all appeals for offside.

Wright romped away only to be fouled near the corner flag, and from the free kick Knott shot wide. O’Donnell conceded a corner in dealing with a shot from Kent, and the custodian fisted away from the placed kick. Powell was pulled up several times for offside. After Crocker had saved a beauty from Chadwick, Slough were seen to better advantage.

Kent was prominent, though he was beaten by Bullock. A centre by Wright was negatived by Serls being offside. At the interval, Hounslow led by two goals to nil.

On crossing over the home forwards got away and Chadwick was well stopped by Leat when the latter was in a dangerous position. A corner to Slough brought no result. Crocker was fouled in the act of clearing and Powell deliberately held him down. The referee did not interfere with the struggle and Crocker eventually managed to throw the leather behind.

Harris was penalised for an infringement of the offside rule, and this relieved Slough from a trying position. The home right wing was very persistent, and the Slough backs had difficulty in keeping them in check.

Led by Kent, the Slough front line attacked and O’Donnell was called on to save twice in quick succession. Subsequently, pressure was relieved and Hounslow were awarded a corner. From a good centre by Kent, Wright put over the bar, and at the opposite end Chadwick performed similarly. Leat ran through and passed to Serls who shot straight into O’Donnell’s hands. From a corner by Slough, a splendid shot was put in but the goalkeeper saved well.

Just before the finish, there was an exciting scrimmage in front of Crocker’s change, but danger was averted. In the last minute, the Slough forwards made a good effort to score, but O’Donnell brought off a fine save from Palmer, and the game ended in a win for Hounslow.

Hounslow Lineup

E. P. O’Donnell; F. Bullock, H. Gibaou; T. Sheeby, B. Bignall. H. Palmer; R. Walker, T. Chadwick, G. Powell, E. Harris, E. Tolman.


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