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Fri Jul 5

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Fri Jul 5 19:45
The Vanarama National League South

Marlow Progress In The Cup



Toovey (1-1, 63, 4-1), Barrett (64)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Serls (0-1)
B&B Senior Cup
These teams were drawn together in the preliminary round of the Senior Cp competition of the Allied Counties, and the match was played at Marlow on Saturday.

The ground was in excellent condition, but the gate was a poor one, partly owing to the Reserves being engaged in the Junior Cup on a free ground. Marlow won the toss and set Slough to attack the Crown goal, but there was practically no advantage from sun or wind.

The visitors were the first to gain a corner, conceded by Sawyer, and an exciting melee followed Kent’s place kick, but hands against Mines relieved the situation. Mines and Kent got in some good work on the left win. Atkins got into a dangerous position for the homesters, but Leat interposed just in time.

Woodger put in a shot which Crocker dealt with safely and Barrett was pulled up for an offence against the offside rule. After some open but uninteresting play, Mines took the leather down in good style, but the effort failed through Kent getting offside. Following a desultory corner for Slough, the Marlow forwards broke away, Barrett being given offside when a favourable opportunity presented itself.

The Marlow font line came again, but Leat and Wilmot had no difficulty in keeping them in check. Kent tested Sawyer with a grounder, and Gooderson forced Davis to concede a corner, but from the place kick Werrell put high over.

From a pass by Woodger, Toovey ran through and shot; the ball skimmed the crossbar, a bit of luck for the visitors. Series had a fine run, but Benning spoilt his chance of shooting. Gooderson received a good pass from Mines, though his shot was a weak one.

A foul against Davis brought a free kick from which Sawyer saved a shot off Mines at the expense of a corner. Kent and Mines made further futile efforts, and at half time the score sheet was a blank.

From the restart Marlow pressed and Atkins netted from an offside position. Slough, however, were the first to obtain a legitimate goal, Serls heading into the net from a free kick following a foul.

The visitors were not destined to hold the advantage for long, for shortly, Toovey equalised by heading a corner out of Crocker’s reach.

Some good play was then witnessed on either side, both of which struggled gamely to get the lead, and shots had to be dealt with by each of the custodians.

Eighteen minutes after the interval, Marlow took the lead, Crocker, in clearing, fisting on to Toovey, the leather rebounding into the net.

But this was not all, for a minute later, Barrett added a third goal for his side with a beautiful shot which gave Crocker no earthly chance.

Marlow were now having the best of the game, their success having inspired them, and once when Crocker ran out and missed, Barrett sent the ball across an empty goal. Mines was prominent, but shot over, and Sawyer saved a long dropping shot from Steptoe. Marlow again attacked and from another corner, Toovey headed into the goal a fourth time.

In the last ten minutes, Slough made desperate efforts to get on more even terms, but failed and the game ended in an unexpected win for Marlow.

Marlow Lineup

H. E. Sawyer; H. Hawkes, R. Davis; F. Steptoe, A. J. Benning, F. W. Elliott; F. Atkins, C. A. Woodger, R. J. Toovey, W. Tood, A. H. Barrett.


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