Weakened Slough Hit For Five

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Harrington (1-0), Drummond (2-0), White (3-0. 5-1), Unknown (4-0)
Slough Town

Slough Town

T. Kent (59)
Slough were only able to take a moderate team to Maidenhead on Saturday to oppose the Norfolkians in the League and as a consequence suffered defeat by five goals to one. But for the fine display of Werrell in goal, the record would have been still greater to their disadvantage. Owing to the rain, the attendance was small, and the game was limited to seventy minutes. From the kick off, the homesters attacked, and from a pass by Gray, Drummond sent in a fine shot which Werrell cleverly saved. A mistake by Proctor gave the Maidonians a corner, but nothing came of it, and at the other end Steptoe tested Hedges with a long shot. The home forwards were sound round Werrell again, and Harrington headed the ball into the net a few minutes from the start, well out of the custodians reach.

For a time Slough more than held their own, Knott, Series and Kent putting in some good work, but they were never allowed to get in a shot. Play soon veered round again in favour of the Norfolks, and after Werrell had twice saved brilliantly, he was beaten by a high shot from Drummond.

After this Knott ran down and sent in a well judged shot, which only just went over the bar. The Norfolkians were playing fine football and it was only the sound defence of Leat and the cleverness of Werrell that kept them at bay. Slough occasionally got to the other end, and once Knott sent in a real beauty, which Hedges only saved at the expense of a corner. Directly after Wilmot lifted the ball over the bar. The closing minutes of this half were all in faour of the Norfolkians, Harrington being very prominent. From one of his shots, Werrell conceded a corner and this led up to an exciting melee in the goal motuh. Steptoe eventually cleared, and the Maidenhead club crossed over leading by 2 goals to 0.

The second half needs very little description, the Norfolkians having matters all their own way. The first thing of note was a smart save by Werrell from Fountain, who sent in a low drive, and then Proctor gave a corner, from which the Slough goal had a narrow escape. The ball continued to hover round Werrell, who stopped a hot shot from White, but the last named regained possession and increased his sides lead to 3-0.

Slough were almost entirely on the defensive, and in a determined attack the Norfolks put on a fourth goal. Werrell ran out and punched a shot away, but the ball was banged into the netbefore he could get back to his post.

Wright raised the hopes of the few Slough supporters present by making a good run, and from his centre Serle mad ea capital attempt to head through. A bombardment of the Slough goal followed, during which Werrell saved brilliantly from Drummond, White and Harrington. Elevent minutes from time, Kent wound up a dashing run by scoring a grand goal for Slough and no sooner had the ball been restarted than Werrell again distinguished himself by making a marvecllous save from White. Then Slough succeeded in getting to the other end, and a free kick was given against Hedges for carrying the ball.

The free kick was got away at the expense of a corner, but Swain cleared. In the closing minutes, White scored again for the Norfolkians, after Werrell had once cleared, and Slough retired defeated by five goals to one.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

Norfolkians: G. Hedges, A. Adaway, W. Swain, E. Gray, F. Wheeler, F. Hunter, A. Harrington, R. Fountain, P. Drummond, T. White, E. Saunders.


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