Slough Town

Slough Town

Millman (1-3)
Wycombe Wanderers

Wycombe Wanderers

Winter (30), Pheby (40), Brion (70)
FA Cup
By the draw in the preliminary round of the English Association Cap these two teams were brought together, Slough having the advantage of venue. There was a good attendance at the Dolphin ground on Saturday afternoon, many enthusiasts coming up from Wycombe.

The weather was all that could be desired for the spectators, though it was rather hot work for the players. The sun shone brilliantly across the field and there was very little breeze, whilst the turf was in excellent condition.

Slough played the same team in the field as advertised, whilst Wycombe made two changes in the side that beat Windsor and Eton on the previous Saturday, P. Gilson (who comes into the team with a big reputation) taking the place of A. Brooks at back, and G. Vickers deputising for J. Brooks In goal.

Wycombe won the toss and kicked down the field. They opened the attack, Pheby soon being prominent. Slough, however, gained the first corner, and this was nicely centred but badly met. Pheby dashed away and a centre by Payne looked dangerous until Werrell threw away. Another centre by Langley made an opening for Pheby, who was robbed by Wilmot before he had time to get a sighting shot. Langley made a ran down but Brown sent his shot over the bar.

Pheby and Payne initiated a forward movement, which ended in the latter shooting wide. A free kick for hands against Leat was well placed by Tilbury, but Werrell met and volleyed the leather up the field. After a quarter of an hour's give and take play which rather favoured Wycombe, Slough made a strong attack and for the space of thirty brief seconds excitement reigned supreme In front of the Wycombe citadel, which, all honour to Vickers, he kept intact.

Denton opened the play with a beautiful shot, which the custodian fisted away. Millman returned a hot one, and Vickers was equal to the emergency, and Stevens ended the tussle by shooting over the bar.

For a short time the homesters continue to have the best of the deal. Then the chair makers retaliated and Langley swung the leather across the mouth of goal, but Brown’s shot badly at close quarters.

Shortly after Pheby, who was playing a great game, got through, spoilt the efforts by going down when a couple of yards from goal. A minute later, however, the same player got in a stinger, and it required all Werrell’s agility to safely negotiate the shot. Millman forced a corner of Tilbury, and this was well placed by Gooderson, and the centre man had a good opportunity of opening the score, which he failed to accept.

Once again it was Pheby who led the Wycombe forwards to the attack, and a well directed shot was just pushed away by Werrell, Leat eventually clearing. The Wanderers were now going strong, but it was not until half an hour from the start that they succeeded in beating the Slough defence, winter then heading a splendid goal from a fine pass by Pheby.

Slough struggled hard to equalise, Kent making a good run, but shot wide, while Stevens also tried a long shot which was misdirected. Both right wing players were well up and the pass would have been much more effective. Pheby was responsible for some telling work on the left wing, and after he had tried a shot which struck the post, he opened out the way for the second goal five minutes from the interval. He banged the centre across the goalmouth. Werrell threw himself at full length the ball, missed it and fell flat on his face. Winter was close at hand and promptly netted the leather. Werrell had rather a nasty shaking, but after a brief rest was able to resume.

Following this Slough had another look in, and from a fast shot by Gooderson, Tilbury nearly sent through his own goal. Denton, too, put in a lovely shot, and Vickers was on the alert, and at half-time Wycombe still had a couple of goals in hand.

On resuming, Wycombe got away, and winter netted from a pass by Payne, though he had been given offside before he shot. Kent was applauded for a smart run, which he finished with a timely pass, and Millman missed completely.

Denton came up at the right moment and made a good effort from a difficult angle. The only result was a corner. A long shot by Gooderson was easily cleared, and a similar effort for the visitors by Hooper went over the bar.

A run through by Millman ended in Gooderson putting in a really fine dropping shot, only to see the custodian turn it over the bar, and although the consequent corner was well placed, the Slough forwards did not make the most of their chances.

Once or twice Wycombe looks like increasing the lead, and but for the ingenuity of Werrell, winter would have converted a centre by Langley. Brion also put in a fine shot which Werrell could only partially get away, and Wilmot saved at the expense of a corner; from this Pheby shot into the side of the net.

An opportunity here occurred for Slough to score, but the forwards were weak and the chance was lost. Give-and-take play followed, but after 25 minutes Wycombe obtained a third goal, Brion scoring from one of Pheby’s passes whilst Werrell was temporarily absent from the posts.

Two abortive corners to Slough and then Langley ran through. Leat raced up just in time to stop him having a clear shot and Werrell easily saved. Following a couple of corners by Wycombe, Pym send the ball up to the Wanderers goal in the backs being absent, Millman shot it over Vickers head into the net.

Play second down in the last 10 minutes, but nothing further of any note transpired in the result was a win for Wycombe by three goals to one.

Wycombe Wanderers Lineup


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