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Fri Jul 5

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The Vanarama National League South

Maidenhead Win By Four

Slough Town

Slough Town

Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

Wooster (2, 9, 35), H. E. Smith o.g. (0-3)
League Francis Whiteman
At the Dolphin ground, Slough, on Saturday, Maidenhead t
Town beat Slough for the second time this season in the Great Western Suburban League.

The previous meeting had resulted in Maidenhead obtaining the only goal in the match, but in the return Maidenhead won easily by 4 goals to 0.

Although on the ground O. L. Cane stood out of the Maidenhead team through slight indisposition, and his place at halfback, was filled by T. Gemmel, E. J. Franklin partnering S. Church on the right wing.

Maidenhead defended the Uxbridge Road goal in the first half, but what little wind there was blew across the ground and was of no advantage to either side. Two minutes from the start, church and Franklin made a good run, and the last named put in a shot which Werrell stopped, but could not get away, and Wooster rushed up and scored.

Slough played up after this early reverse, the rights being prominent, and Gibson made two smart saves from Fountain and Denton. Seven minutes from the previous score, Gemmel ran the ball down, and from his centre Wooster came right through and put Maidenhead two points ahead.

Directly after, Franklin missed a fine opening, having only Werrell to beat, but he made amends almost immediately, I sending in a shot in which the custodian punched out from almost under the crossbar. This was from a corner forced by Vallance.

Offside against Wooster relieved the pressure on the Slough goal, and Denton and Knott took play to the other end, where Slough made determined efforts to score. Gibson and Blick, however, were equal to all calls made upon them, and Chesterman eventually enabled Wooster to get going again. Werrell ran out to stop him, and both fell to the ground. The ball went across the Vallance, who shot hit the underneath part of the crossbar, and H. E. Smith, in endeavouring to clear, helped it into the net. Maidenhead had now the useful lead of 3 to 0.

Urged on by their supporters, Slough was seen to much greater advantage in the next few minutes. A shot by Fountain only just missed its mark, and then Denton like getting through when he was fouled in the penalty area. Werrell came up from the Slough goal to take the penalty kick himself, but Gibson brought off a smart save, stopping the ball low down against the right hand post.

Almost immediately after, Gibson was cheered for another magnificent save from Fountain, and try how they would Slough could not break down the sound defence opposed to them.

Led on by Wooster, who throughout played a fine game, Maidenhead were soon attacking again. Two fine bouts of passing were ended by Werrell and H. E. Smith checking Wooster, while Franklin had very hard luck with a terrific drive that struck the crossbar. Although Maidenhead were deprived of the services of Saunders, who retired through feeling unwell, they continue to monopolise the play and from a corner Werrell stopped a hot shot from Vallance. In the melee in the goal mouth, Vallance caused great amusement by fisting the ball into the net and the freekick gave the defence much needed rest.

10 minutes half-time Vallance worked his way right up to Werrell. The Slough captain stopped the shot, and there was a tussle between was stuff and him for possession. In this Werrell foul, and Wooster drove the ball into the unprotected goal for the fourth time.

In the closing minutes of this half, right and Denton got in some good centres, what Jack Wright screwed into the goalmouth from almost off the touchline. But none of the opportunities returned to account, and ends were changed with Maidenhead leading by four goals to 0.

After the interval Saunders reappeared in the Maidenhead team, but the visitors seemed content with the lead, and the first few minutes were all in favour of Slough. They, however, were very weak in front of goal, and on one occasion Fountain managed to kick over the crossbar when almost underneath it.

Maidenhead then got going again, the forwards exhibiting capital combination, but Whiteman pulled up Wooster time after time, and the best they could do was to force a corner. This Werrell cleared, and a freekick enabled Wright to make a run from the halfway line, but his shot went high over the bar.

Good work by Denton led up to a corner to Slough. This was finally placed by H. E. Smith, and Gibson fisted over the heads of the crowd of players. For the next few minutes Knott and Denton were very much in the picture, and Gibson stopped hot shots from Fountain, Knott, and H. E. Smith, while Fountain made unavailing efforts to bustled his way through.

After taking things easy for some time, Maidenhead made strenuous endeavours to increase their lead. Wilmot and Whiteman however defended well, and Wooster was seldom allowed to get within shooting range.

In the closing minutes Slough put out all they knew to reduce their opponents lead. Three corners fell to them, and from these Gibson brought off magnificent saves from Wright and E. Smith. In the end Maidenhead retired victorious by four goals to nil.

Maidenhead United Lineup

G. Gibson, W. Warrick, T. Blick, T. Gemmell, E. R. Chesterman, C. M. Walton, S. Church, E. J. Franklin, T. Wooster, E. Saunders, W. Vallance.


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