Slough And Uxbridge Draw

Slough Town

Slough Town

C. Werrell (1-0), Fountain (2-1)


Knight (1-1), Whiteman o.g. (2-2)
League Unknown
These teams met in the League competition at the Dolphin Ground on Saturday, before a small number of spectators. The ground was in capital order, but a keen east wind made it none too pleasant for the onlookers. Slough again had to rely on five or six reserve players.

Uxbridge had the best of the game at the start, but the first time the homesters got down they scored. Brown ran the leather along the outside and centred, and Fountain tried to dash through, but being checked he passed to Werrell (minor), who notched a good goal.

Uxbridge attacked strongly after this and forced a corner, which Werrell cleared, and Simmons also made a fine save with the Uxbridge forwards all round the goal.

Fountain worked the ball through, and a shot was put in which Bennett ran out to clear. Coming into contact with Werrell, minor, the two fell to the ground, but Fountain shot wide with an open goal.

Uxbridge attacked again, and Spoard shot over. Purrett checked a hot shot just in time. Beach beat Whiteman in a sprint, and with only Werrell to beat he put in a stiff shot, but the Slough custodian made a magnificent clearance, for which he was loudly applauded.

After a considerable amount of pressure, Knight banged across a centre, and Commins returned from the goal line, Knight running in and equalising from short range (1—1).

The reds still held the upper hand, and the Slough defence had plenty to do. Beach essayed a long straight shot, which Werrell easily cleared. Two corners were awarded the Middlesex team, and the second one was splendidly judged by Commins. Spoard shot, but found Werrell on the alert, and from his clearance the Slough forwards sped away, but were checked by Ayres and Price.

Back again came the leather. Knight shot high over the bar when close in. After Werrell had cleared several times, Price tried a long shot which went inches only outside the upright.

At half time the score was still level, one all.

In the second half, Slough were seen to much better advantage, and early on Steptoe had a chance, but shot wide. At the opposite end Bowler shot by. Play was temporarily suspended through Purrett being badly fouled by Cummins.

After some give and take play, Werrell, jun., made a fine dash through and beating Price shot hard and straight. Bennett saved well, but before be could recover himself Fountain had returned the leather into the net (2—1).

Then followed a ding dong struggle. Uxbridge, who were greatly disappointed at this reverse, having expected to win fairly easy, tried very hard to equalise, and althongh they had the best of the deal, the Slough defence proved equal to tbe occasion, Wilmot, Whiteman and Werrell being always on the spot.

However, ten minutes from time, when Slough looked to have a good chanoe of winning, they met with a piece of that ill-luck which had dogged their footsteps all the season.

The Uxbridge right wing players came down and Palmer put in a long shot. Werrell ran out to clear, but Whiteman, not seeing him, endeavoured to do the same, and in heading the leather it turned the wrong way and glided into the net. Uxbridge were very thankful for small mercies.

After this Slough played up with surprising energy, and Bennett had to save two stiff shots in succession. In the last two minutes Slough came near winning, for they attacked very briskly, and Bennett had the warmest time of the match. He, however, came out triumphant, and the result was a draw of two goals each.

Uxbridge Lineup

G. Bennett, E. Ayres, F. Price, C. Palmer, A. Norwood, A. E Gregory, A. Cummins, J. R. Bowler, J. Beach, W. J. Knight, W Spoard.


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