Uxbridge Through In Amateur Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Jones (60), Poole (62)


Dennett o.g. (25), A. E. Gregory (84, 86)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
These teams met in the first round of the amateur cup at the Dolphin ground on Saturday afternoon. There was a fair attendance of spectators, Uxbridge bringing over a good contingent of supporters. The weather was at all that could be desired, and everything was favourable to a keen game stop

Slough defended the road end goal at the start, and after some give-and-take play Jones got in a good shot. The Uxbridge left-wing took the leather up the field, but in a tussle it was sent behind.

Uxbridge attacked strongly, and Spoard sent in a fine drive which Werrell court and booted away. A good run between Commins and Bowler gave the latter a clear opening, but he passed when he had a fine chance of running through.

Play continued fast, and after Bennett had cleared, the visitors front line romped away, and a corner was the result. This was nicely placed but Cox cleared.

From a pass by Jones, West made an opening, and beating the backs, looks like scoring, but Bennett came out the critical moment, took the globe of his foot, and through it round the post. The corner brought no success, and Uxbridge travelled up the field, where A. E. Gregory tested Werrell with a hotshot.

After 25 minutes play, Margarison centred nicely for Uxbridge, and Owens shot at close quarters. Dennett stepped aside to allow Werrell to clear, but Werrell's shot struck Dennett and rebounded into the net, a decided bit of bad luck for Slough.

Fast exchanges followed, but Uxbridge got rather the better of these, the forwards being quicker in front of goal. Slough went down, and Beach conceded a corner, which was got away.

Stagg put in a beautiful centre, which West met and drove hard a goal, but Beach intervened. Smith also tried a shot, but Bennett was on the alert and cleared.

A minute later Simmons got in a hot one at close quarters which Bennett caught and kicked away. Slough were now pressing, and a splendid centre came from Jones. This was met by Simmons, but he just turned the leather outside, and at half-time the score was Uxbridge one goal, Slough nil.

In the second half play became more exciting, and during an attack on the Uxbridge goal a strong appeal was made for a penalty, when Simmons was fouled in the prescribed area. After a lengthy conference, the referee decided to bully.

Just after the game was again stopped whilst referee tried settle the difference between a couple of players. Slough were now playing a hard game, and Jones, getting a pass from the left wing, scored with a marvellous shot almost from the goal-line, a court an hour after the start. The ball went across the mouth of goal and into the corner, giving Bennett no earthly chance.

This enliven matters, and Slough was seen to better advantage. Scarcely two minutes had elapsed before Simmons got through, and passing to Poole, the latter gave Slough the lead by banging the leather into the net.

Uxbridge then came, and Bowler tried a long shot which Werrell saved. At the other end, Stagg brought out Bennett and West shot while he was absent, but Beach stepped into the breach and cleared.

A good run by Commins ended in the ball going out. Slough were now having the best of play, and during a sharp attack Jones received a pass from the left wing and put in a grand shot, which Bennett cleared very smart just after, beach was fouled by Cox, and the subsequent kick relieved pressure for a time.

Give-and-take play followed, and six minutes from the finish some good work amongst the Uxbridge forwards resulted in A. E. Gregory equalising to the great delights of the visitors supporters.

Straight from the centre kick Jones nearly scored with a fine shot. Both sides now played very hard for supremacy and during a hot attack Margarison missed an easy chance, but a minute later A. E. Gregory put in a low shot which Werrell only just reached and pushed away. Margarison was well up and banged the ball into the net, and this unexpected results in the Uxbridge spectators wild with delight.

With but a couple of minutes to go, Slough endeavoured to get even but failed to do so and the game ended with the score Uxbridge three goals, Slough two goals.

Uxbridge Lineup

G. E. Bennett, E. Ayres (C), J. Beach, H. Owen, G. Gregory, A. E. Gregory, A. Commins, J. Bowler, H. G. Margarison, W. Spoard, W. Waterfall.


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