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Sat Dec 9

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The Vanarama National League South

Soldiers Gain Easy Win After Falling Behind

| League
3rd Grenadier Generals
Price (8), Jomes (20), Price (43), Peskett (4-1)
4 - 1
Slough Town
Simmons (3)
The last match between the above teams in the great Western Suburban league was played on Saturday last at the Windsor recreation ground. There was a fair attendance at the start, but after the game commenced the rain came down in torrents and drove many into shelter.

Both teams were well represented but Corman was absent at full back for the guards, and McKinley took off his coat and played in that position in uniform trousers after the match had been in progress for a short time. The soldiers played a wonderfully good game, and unexpectedly proved victorious by four goals to one.

Slough kicked towards the clue a goal in the opening half, and the game was only three minutes old when Simmons best Stevens, the Guards fullback, who slipped up, and sending in a good shot score the first goal of the match.

About five minutes after, however, Price equalised with a fine shot, which just went inside the post. The custodian partially saved, but the ball twisted into the net.

The Guards continue to have the better of the play, Jones playing a fine game on the right wing. About 20 minutes from the start, Joan sent in a long dropping shot. Werrell partly held the ball, but it slid out of his hands into goal.

Wilson had an open goal just after and should have notched another point for the soldiers, but he unaccountably sent wide. Just before half-time, the soldiers again got through. Price sent in a low swift shot, which Werrell could not hold, and the ball appeared to go over the line. The referee awarded a goal, but Slough strongly protested against the decision, it being stated that Werrell was well out of goal when he let the ball slip and that it did not cross the line. The referee was not in a good position to judge but he refused to alter his decision, and the soldiers were satisfied that it was a proper one.

On crossing over, the guards still had the better of matters, but could only score once, Peskett notching a goal from a melee. The weather was very bad now, and the players could hardly keep their feet.

Slough played up better, and Dennett, who had gone up forward, looked certain to score on one occasion, but missed, and the final score was 3rd Grenadier Guards four goals, Slough one goal.

3rd Grenadier Generals Line up

Amos, Stevens, McKinlay, Watkinson, Cox, Field, Jones, Wilson, Price, Peskett, Lane.


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