Norfolks Get Away Win

Slough Town

Slough Town

Werrell (1-2)
Maidenhead Norfolkians

Maidenhead Norfolkians

Goom (0-1), Wheeler (0-2)
League Unknown
These teams met at the Dolphin ground, Slough, on Wednesday evening to decide their return league fixture, which should have been played on Saturday. There were only a handful of spectators, and the game at the start was spoiled by a heavy downfall of rain.

Owing to the late start made, it was decided to play half an hour each way. Neither side were at full strength and although the game was fairly fast there was nothing of particular interest and just on half time, when Goom put in a long shot which glided off Werrell's knee into the net, and the Norfolkians crossed over leading one goal to nil.

Soon after the change of ends Turton lost a fine chance of equalising by kicking over the bar when writing goal. Shortly after Maidenhead came of the left wing and the ball being nicely centred, Wheeler beat Werrell second time, thus giving the Norfolk's lead of two goals.

10 minutes later Cox broke away, but being fouled in the penalty area the referee awarded a kick from the spot. Werrell took the kick and sent straight to the goalkeeper who stop the shot, but Werrell rushed up and catching the rebound, banged it into the net, making the score 1-2.

Slough again pressed and Turner sent in a shot, but it went straight to the goalkeeper and he cleared it. Maidenhead did not intend to throw away any chance of winning and repeatedly kicked out when pressed. Swain being prominent in this aspect.

No further scoring took place and the Norfolkians therefore resulted in winners by two goals to one.

Maidenhead Norfolkians Lineup

G. Gyngell, W. Swain, A. Goom, E. Glaspool, F. Wheeler, E. Tubb, R. Fountain, A. Bowqett, A. Gyngell, W. Wheeler, A. Hooper.


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