Slough Again Edge Windsor By Odd Goal In Five

Windsor & Eton

Windsor & Eton

Rev. F. H. Smith (18 pen), Wilkins (23)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Skinner o.g. (1-2), Simmons o.g (2-2), Poole (87)
League Unknown
A big holiday crowd assembled at the Windsor recreation ground on Monday to witness the great Western Suburban league match between Windsor and Eton and Slough.

When the teams first met at the Dolphin in the same competition, Slough were victorious. The weather was quite some alike, and the sun was shining brilliantly when the ball was kicked off, shortly after 3. 30.

Both clubs had good sides out, but Windsor and Eton were without little from the forward line, and Anderson, who was rather badly injured by a horse rolling on his legs a short time ago, turned out and stood goal for the homesters, but he has apparently not quite recovered from his accident.

Slough one in the last minutes of the game, by three goals to 2, but a draw would have better represented the play.

Windsor won the toss, and elected to play with the sun at their backs, and kicked towards the Marks school goal.

The first incident was hands against Windsor, offside relieved. Then Venner went down and centred, and a goal looked certain; Fountain kicked in, Werrell saved, but did not clear eventually, and a corner resulted. The ball was well placed, but was got away.

Then Slough went up on the right. Poole passed to right, and centred, and Turner sent the leather across the goalmouth, and it went by stop

Windsor got down, and Fountain shot. Werrell only partly cleared, the ball going to W. H. Wilkins, who sent it by – a very narrow shave.

Just after Fountain put in a fine shot which Werrell only partially got away, but the leather was cleared. Slough attacked, and Wright shot, but Anderson ran out and saved.

Smith made a fine run down on the right, and put in a splendid shot, which Werrell saved smartly, but Fountain was brought down in the penalty area, and the usual kick was awarded. The Rev. F. H. Smith took the kick, and scored a lovely goal, 18 minutes after the start, the ball going over the custodian's head.

After Slough had obtained a fruitless corner, Smith went away on the right, and centred. Wilkins secured, and working his way through, but in a splendid shot, beat the goalkeeper all the way, five minutes after the other goal had been scored. It was a grand goal.

Almost directly after, Turner passed to Stagg who shot in. Anderson cleared very weakly, and Stagg shot in again. Anderson was out of his goal, and Skinner rushed up and fisted the ball into his own goal, much to the chagrin of himself and the home supporters.

Windsor went away after this, and with Werrell out of his goal, Fountain headed by about a yard wide of the post. From a freekick for hands against Slough, Rogers put in a good one, and Smith secured. He sent in a good shot, but several of the players were in the goalmouth and the ball was cleared.

After Slough had attacked, Windsor went down, and J. Wilkins sent in a fine shot, which Werrell just turned away. Freekick for hands against Slough looked dangerous, but the ball was passed J. Wilkins and Ewins shot over.

After this Slough went up, and Anderson again cleared rather weakly. Skinner rushed up and got the ball away, Turner being hurt in the melee. Slough pressed, and Skinner foul the Slough player, about 30 yards out. West took the freekick, and almost beat Anderson, who luckily got the ball away. Windsor got down, and J. Wilkins centred, Skinner put the ball out of play.

Half-time then sounded with the score Windsor and Eton two goals, Slough one goal.

Directly after the restart, Slough went down, and Simmons received the ball, but sent it to another player, who was offside. Windsor went away, and Fountain kicked in, Wilkins almost got through, but was sandwiched and fell. After the game had been stopped a minute or two, he resumed.

The locals again attacked, and Ewins sent on to the net. Slough got down, but Stagg sent by. A corner came to Slough shortly after, the ball was well centred, but was cleared by Rogers. After Windsor had attacked, Slough went down in turn the shot across the goal, and the ball went by.

A fruitless corner fell to Slough, and then Windsor attacked. Smith put in a lovely shot, but the ball was turned on one side. In the next minutes, Smith hit the crossbar, and very narrow shape. Shortly after Smith put in a fine ground shot, and the goalkeeper let go the ball which twisted round his hands, but he gathered it up immediately.

Werrell stopped for a moment with the ball in his hands, but afterwards through it away. A strong appeal was made for a goal, but the referee disallowed it, much to the surprise of the crowd. Venner shot over the crossbar in the next minute, and Smith kicked the ball on the run and lifted it high over the bar.

Stagg went down on the left, but shot over the posts. Venner kicked outside the net when he had a chance. Smith sent by from a difficult angle. Poole ran down, but was bustled and shot by.

Just after, Simmons got the ball and put in a swift shot, but Anderson only partly cleared, and pushed the ball into the net, thus equalising the scores.

Then and nearly scored shortly after, Werrell saving luckily. Slough attacked, and Ewins in saving nearly put through his own goal. The corner resulted in nothing definite.

Windsor got up and a corner resulted. Werrell cleared at the expense of another corner, the ball dropping on to the crossbar and getting over the net. Stagg got away, and Rogers gave a corner three minutes from time. The corner was finally placed, and Poole headed into goal, Anderson being well beaten.

Loud cheers resounded from the Slough supporters, and the whistle shortly after sounded time with the scores Windsor and Eton two goals, Slough three goals.

Windsor & Eton Lineup

W. Anderson, D. Rogers, F. Holtum, G. Cox, C. E. Ewins, E. Skinner, Rev. F. H. Smith, J. Wilkins, W. H. Wilkins, W. Fountain, C. Venner.


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