Slough Town

Slough Town

H. Smith (5)
3rd Grenadier Generals

3rd Grenadier Generals

Wilson (65)
League Unknown
These teams met at the Dolphin ground on Saturday. At the start the homesters pressed, and after five minutes play Smith scored a good goal from a well placed corner by Simmons. The Grenadier's retaliated, and Wilmot saved at a critical moment.

For a time the soldiers were aggressive, and then Simmons and Dawe got away and forced a corner, which was sent behind. Wilson beat Dennett in a struggle, but West came to the rescue, and averted danger.

The soldiers pressed for some five minutes, West being very prominent in the defence. Eventually the Slough forwards got away, and Dawe sent the leather over the bar. Wilmot followed with a stiff shot, which Amos cleared at the expense of a corner. This was nicely judged, but again Amos kept his charge intact, and Verry returned his clearance over the crossbar.

Jones was prominent on the guards right wing, and Dennett was forced to concede a corner. From a pass by Corman, who received the corner kick, Peskett shot into the side of the net. Slough returned to the fray, and a long shot by Poole called on Williams, who gave a fruitless corner. After Simmons and Dawe had essayed shots, the guards came away, but good work was spoilt through reckless shooting on the part of Wilson.

A run down by Cox and Simmons ended tamely, the globe being weekly dealt with at the finish. A miss by West letting the soldiers centre forward, but Dennett came to the rescue. Slough had the best of matters for some time, and several abortive corners were awarded. Just before half-time, Wilson put in a spanking shot, which Werrell court and through away, but a corner was forced, though this brought no result, and at half-time Slough led by a goal to nil.

Slough went off at a hot pace on crossing over, and several good shots were sent in, all of which Amos successfully dealt with. An exciting time occurred when the home quintet made a combined attack. The goalkeeper fell to the ground in clearing, but with three forwards on him Amos succeeded in pushing the leather around the upright in a very skilful manner, and the corner brought no success.

The guards lost a fine opportunity of equalising when Jones swung in a capital centre, but Lane and Harding, who was standing well in, allowed it to go begging.

However, after 20 minutes play the soldiers obtain the goal which placed them on equal footing with the homesters. Jones middled the leather, and Wilson trapped it and put in a shot which completely beat Werrell.

For a time the visitors had the better of the game, and during bout of pressure the ball was driven into the net again, though the referees whistle had previously gone for an infringement of the offside rule.

A corner for the soldiers was negated by Wilmot, and the Slough forwards raced away, but the shooting was decidedly weak. Jones was conspicuous for the guardsmen, and he finished a good run with a capital shot, but Werrell saved at close quarters and cleared a second shot which followed in quick time.

Slough retaliated, and a lovely shot from the foot of Dawe tested Amos, but the latter came off trumps. Two corners fell to the civilians, but neither brought any definite result. 10 minutes from the finish of the match the guardsmen initiated an attack on the home citadel, and Werrell made a grand clearance from one of the left wing players.

In the remaining time Slough made a big effort to obtain the lead. Five corners were awarded them in quick succession, but the military defence was sound, and at the close to score was still one all.

3rd Grenadier Generals Lineup

Private Amos, Sgt Corman, Private Williams, Lance Cpl Watkinson, Sgt Cox, Private Ayres, Lance Cpl Jones, Private Wilson, Private Lane, Sgt Harding, Drummer Peskett.


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