West Nets At Both Ends As Slough Draw With Generals

Slough Town

Slough Town

West (85)
Chesham Generals

Chesham Generals

West o.g. (22)
B&B Senior Cup Unknown
These teams met in the second round of the senior cup competition of the Allied counties, on Saturday afternoon. Although the climatic conditions where everything that could be desired the attendance was not so large as usual for a cup gate.

B. O. Corbett was unable to turn out for Slough, and his place was taken by T. Cox, whilst Reynolds (right half) and Rance (goal) displaced Birch and Jones in the generals advertised team.

Slough started with the wind against them, but despite this quickly forced two corners. Cox missed a good chance, Simmons was cheered for a shot which went inches the wrong side of the post Chesham then got into their stride, and for the next quarter of an hour attacked incessantly. Werrell and West, however, defended magnificently, the first named saving shot after shot in brilliant style

After 22 minutes play Haskins headed away a dangerous shot that the expense of a corner. This was finally placed, and West had the misfortune to head the ball into his own goal.

For the next few minutes Slough more than held their own, right and Denton putting in some good work. From a freekick for a foul Denton raised the hopes of Slough by getting right through, but he shot straight into Rance his hands, and the fine chance of equalising the scores was missed.

The ball, however, were soon at the other end again, and it was only Werrell's cleverness that prevented the generals from scoring again and again. He was ably assisted by West, Poole, and Wilmut, but the least said about the play of the other members of the Slough team the better. The forwards seemed quite unable to get together, and were easily held in check by the Chesham backs and halves, A. H. Reynolds and Spicer playing particularly well.

In the closing minutes of the first half Denton and Stagg made runs but nothing came of them, and Slough were lucky to cross over with only a goal against them.

The game was more even on restarting, and from a run and centre by Denton, Cox sent in a shot which only just missed its mark.

Another well directed shot from Cox was saved at the expense of a corner, and from this Slough made determined efforts to force the ball through, but the defence prevailed. Cox and Simmons immediately forced a second corner. Stagg took the kick and drop the leather right into the goalmouth, and Smith headed over the bar.

Preen relieved the pressure and with a dash of the wing, and eluding both West and Haskins had only Werrell to beat. But again the Slough custodian was equal to the occasion, being cheers all round the ground for running out and taking the ball off Preen's toe. The linesman signalled a throw in the referee ordered a corner, a mistake that nearly cost Slough the match, as from the corner kick the ball was almost over the line on two or three occasions.

Stagg and Simmons at last got the leather away, and Rance save from Simmons at the cost of a corner. Stagg was entrusted with the kick, and Smith and Poole missed openings by hesitating.

Only 10 minutes now remained for play, and Slough made great efforts to equalise. Five minutes to time Poole sent across to West, who beat Rance with a hard drive from about 25 yards out. Hardly had the excitement abated when time was called, and the game thus ended in a draw of one goal each.

Chesham Generals Lineup

Rance, Spicer, Mayo, A. H. Reynolds, Dwight, E. Reynolds, Preen, Moreton, Richardson, Maunders, White.


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