Slough Rack Up Big Win

Slough Town

Slough Town

Simmons (1, 2-0, 6-1), Werrell (3-0), Verry (4-1), Denton (5-1)
Maidenhead United

Maidenhead United

Pettican (3-1)
League Unknown
Although without B. O. Corbett, Reg Young, and R. J. Ivall, Slough had a strong team out on Saturday to oppose Maidenhead at the Dolphin ground. J. Bennett, who has played for Brighton and Hove Albion, persisted them at back, P. Quigley, of the first lifeguards, at centre half, and A. G. Stagg, later Windsor and Eton, at outside left. Quigley was invited during the morning to assist the army against Oxford University, but the wire arrived too late for him to reach Aldershot.

J. Murray was an absentee on the Maidenhead side, and this necessitated M. Walton going halfback, J. Pettican filling the vacancy in the forward line.

The game opened in sensational style, as in the first minute Simmons sent in a hot shot which Carter put onto the post, and the referee decided that he had taken the ball over the goal-line.

Directly after Simmons nearly got through again, Wooster and Durrant made several good runs from Maidenhead, who had the advantage of the boisterous wind, and Pettican and Wooster tested Werrell with fine shots.

Slough, however, seemed more at home on the greasy turf than their opponents, and was soon attacking again. Carter made a clever save from right, and he appeared to have the goal at his mercy, but directly after Wright centred to Verry, who sent in a cross shot which Carter only half saved, and Simmons rushed up and scored a second point for Slough.

Two minutes later very was fouled in the penalty area. Werrell, the Slough custodian, was brought up to take the kick, and at the second attempt drove the ball into the rigging. Carter was cheered for stopping two difficult shots from Denton, and then Maidenhead by means of the long passing game, more than held their own.

Spindler and Durrant sent in several well judged centres, but Dennett and West defended well. Once Pettican seemed bound to score, but Werrell ran out and took the ball off his toe. The wind was giving Wooster and Durrant plenty of work on the left-wing, repeatedly driving the ball out to them, and the shot from Wooster went right across the goal mouth, going inches the wrong side of the post. Eventually Maidenhead's efforts were rewarded by Pettican taking a pass by Drummond, and scoring with a shot which gave Werrell no chance.

From a foul by Poole, Slough goal was bombarded with shots, Pettican ending the siege by sending over the bar. Right up to half-time Maidenhead were pressing, but they could not improve their position, and ends were changed with Slough leading by 3 to 1.

In the second half Slough pressed for some time, an excellent footwork amongst the forwards was witnessed. Eventually West rushed through, and from his pass Verry secured and registered a rattling good goal, making the record 4-1.

Scarcely had the ball been restarted when the homesters secured their fifth goal. Simmons took the leather down the left-wing and transferred to Stagg, who middled splendidly, and Denton placed the ball between the uprights.

Shortly after very tested the goalkeeper with a beauty, but the latter got away, though Simmons caught the rebound and returned, the Maidonian left back stopping what appeared a certain goal by turning the leather around the upright for a corner, which proved abortive.

Pressure was temporarily relieved by good run on the part of the Maidenhead outside right, and Poole conceded a corner. The visitors inside right had a fine opening just after and shot well, but Werrell was on the alert and saved very skilfully, whilst Dennett, who was now playing a champion game, send the ball out of danger.

West was applauded for a clean run through to the citadel, where he made a capital effort to score. Slough kept up the pressure and Simmons put on number six by a fast left-footed shot, which found the corner of the net.

After this Maidenhead played a much better for a time and the game continued very fast to the end. Very was badly sandwiched between the Maidenhead backs and endeavouring to push his way through the defence and the freekick was awarded, this striking the upright and rolling out stop

At the opposite end the Maidenhead centre forward got clean away and had a good opening, when West rushed up and grassed him from behind. The result was a penalty, but Werrell brought a magnificent save, by turning the leather over the horizontal stick.

Nothing further of interest occurred and at the close Slough were left victorious by six goals to one.

Maidenhead United Lineup

E. Carter, E. Edmonds, H. Moore, F. Slough, E. Chesterman, M. Walton, E. Spindler, P. Drummond, J. Pettican, T. Wooster, R. Durrant.


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