Slough Dumped Out Of Amateur Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

J. Ivall (13)
Reading Amateurs

Reading Amateurs

Trinder (4), Page (30 pen, 60 pen), Unknown (1-4)
FA Amateur Cup Unknown
These old rivals met at the Dolphin ground on Saturday afternoon, before a good crowd of spectators. Last year in the same competition the Amateurs defeated Slough at Reading by 3 to nil, and the homesters were hoping to get their own back on the present occasion.

For this purpose they put their strongest 11 in the field and has done duty, but in the end they again had to admit defeat. Everything was favourable to a capital gain, and a few minutes after 3 o'clock Trinder set the leather going, B. O. Corbett, the Slough skipper, having won the toss, and decided to defend the Uxbridge Road end goal.

There was only one alteration in the two teams as advertised, S. F. Davis taking the place of A. Day in the Amateurs backline. Both sides looked very fit as they turned out, and the spectators were at the height of their expectations. The game opened very hot, and it was evident there was going to be a big struggle.

Somewhat of a surprise was in store for Slough, for four minutes from the start Reading scored as fine a goal as one would could wish to see registered in a day's march. It was led up to by a brilliant piece of work between Dadswell and Stanley on the right wing. When they had completed their efforts, the leather was sent across to Trinder, who bounced through the Slough backs, and registered a goal, which Werrell had no earthly chance of stopping.

This was followed by a rush on the part of Slough, in which Denton and Verry were prominent. Dadswell again went up the Reading right, but Haskins checked him in time to prevent damage. A foul against the Amateurs gave Slough a chance, Davies headed out of danger.

Then the visitors left-wing got away, and Verry and West only checked them at the expense of a corner, which Fulker sent behind.

Apart from the left-wing was well received by Dadswell, though Haskins intercepted a straight one from the foot of the latter. Corbett raised the hopes of the spectators when he skilfully dodged the opposing backs and sent across the Ivall, who, however, negated the efforts by shooting over.

Another good piece of work between Corbett Denton spoiled through the lack of energy on the part of Roberts. The Reading right wing was very persistent, and Dadswell and Stanley required a lot of watching.

13 minutes from the start Slough equalise amid tremendous cheering. Denton ran the ball down, and passed to Verry. The latter, when tackled, sent across to Ivall, who beat the burly West with a beauty.

The game became very fast at this point, the ball travelling up and down the field at great speed. Corbett forced abortive corner, after which Stanley lost a golden opportunity. He received an excellent pass from Dadswell, dallied too long with the leather, and before he could shoot, Verry had robbed him.

Slough pressed and West ran through and tried a long shot, which went wide. Wright forced another corner, but although well taken, it proved unsuccessful.

At the opposite end Wilmut conceded a corner from a shot by Dadswell, and it was some time before it was got out of danger. Then came an incident which greatly affected the fortunes of the game stop Reading were attacking, and it is alleged that will not infringe the penalty rule in endeavouring to keep an opponent of the ball. What the infringement was, few but the referee appeared see, the latter awarded a penalty kick, from which Page scored.

Werrell made a good attempt to save, but the force at which the ball was put in, sent it out of his hands into the net. This gave Reading the lead of 2-1 after half an hour's play.

The result had a somewhat depressing effect upon Slough for a time, and the Berks team continued to press. A capital shot from Frame was stopped by Werrell, who were moment later also saved at the expense of a corner, which proved abortive. A foul against Stanley, brought Slough into their opponents territory, but West saved, and the Reading left-wing cantered up the field, with the result that Haskins had to concede another corner, though this bought no success.

A speedy sprint and centre by Dadswell, was negated by Verry, and then Slough took up the attack, but could not score. Once Trinder broke away for Reading, and ought to have scored, but Werrell frustrated his effort.

West, too, was playing brilliantly and time after time check the Amateur forwards who were very persistent in their attention on Werrell's charge. Just before half-time Corbett was applauded for some good work, and Roberts got in a lovely shot, which went just a few inches over the horizontal bar, and at the interval the score stood Reading 2, Slough 1.

On resuming Reading open the attack, and frame put in a spanking shot which went right across the mouth of goal and rolled harmlessly outside. For Slough, Verry put in a clinking shot, but West was not to be easily beaten. On the other side, Frame be Wilmut in a tussle and put in a shot, Werrell was at home.

Then a bit of hard luck befell Reading, frame twisting his ankle in falling and having to be carried off the field. A few minutes after Haskins was rendered out of combat but after a brief rest he returned to the fray.

Another corner fell to the lot of Reading, but it proved fruitless. After a quarter of an hour's play further disaster overtook Slough, for a second penalty was given against them. On this occasion Trinder passed the backs got clean away having only the goalkeeper to beat. Poole, however, seeing the danger came pell-mell across from the right and upset Trinder just as he was in the act of shooting. It would have paid better, however, to have trusted to Werrell, for he would have had more chance of stopping a shot at the end of a run, and a freekick by Page of the penalty mark. This went straight home and made the record 3-1 in Reading's favour.

Despite this reverse Slough was seen to much better advantage after, though of course Reading had but 10 men. Denton and Wright were both responsible for runs on the wing. From the latter Corbett received a pass, but was fouled by page just outside the penalty line. Dadswell who required a constant watching, occasionally broke away, and when he did so danger lurked in his movements, for his shots wanted a lot of stopping.

Another run and centre by right and Corbett made a beautiful opening for Roberts, but the latter shot high over the bar. Slough having the best of the game at this period, and once West ran right through and endeavoured to beat his namesake but without avail

From a freekick Poole sent the ball well up, and Wilmut tried a header; the intention was good, but the aim was not correct. Corbett put in a tremendous lot of work, and after beating several opponents sent in a shot which deserved a better fate – though West thought otherwise.

After the game had been temporarily suspended through Fulker being winded, Trinder had an opening, but being worried by Haskins, shot wide. Time was now in the wing, and in the hope of wiping off his arrears Corbett altered his forward line, Denton and Ivall exchanging places. They pressed for a long time, but could not get the leather between the sticks.

From a corner Wright sent the leather onto the rigging, and after this Corbett drove in a shot which would have beaten dozens of goalkeepers, but not so West, as he managed to turn it round the upright and Davies was instrumental in getting the corner kick out of danger.

With but a few minutes to go, Reading broke away and gained a corner, and this being splendidly judged, the leather forced into the net; that at the close to score stood Reading four goals, Slough one goal.

Reading Amateurs Lineup

C. West, A. Whichelow, C. Stanley, G. Page (c), G. Fulker, R. Dadswell, H. Stanley, F. Trinder, J. Lunn, A. Frame.


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