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Haddenham Ladies (A)
Sun Oct 2

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Haddenham Ladies (A)
Sun Oct 2 14:00
Thames Valley Counties Women's Football League

Hounslow Through In Cup Replay

| FA Cup
Brain (1-0), Walker (2-1), McNaught (90)
3 - 1
Slough Town
Poole (1-1)
Having played a drawn match of two goals each at Slough on Saturday, these teams met again at Hounslow on Wednesday.

Both clubs were compelled to make changes, but again the game was most equally contested, the advantage of playing on the ground which was somewhat on the heavy side, just turning the scale in favour of the Middlesex men.

It was thoroughly interesting football, fairly skilful, and fast. Slough had as many chances as their opponents, but there shooting like precision, and to this fact they owed their defeat.

The Slough team were slow in finding their form, and in consequence for the first 20 minutes they defence had a warm time of it. Ultimately it yielded to a clever piece of work by the home left-wing, Brain and Anderson, the first named scoring.

Subsequently Slough improved all round, and after good work by right, Poole found himself well placed, and he equalised. At half-time the score was 1-1.

On resuming, McNaught, the home outside right, change places with Anderson, the outside left. Werrell nearly gave away a goal by a bad blunder in the first minute. Hounslow pressed, and Brain middling nicely, Walker dashed through with a fine goal.

By no means dismayed, Slough tried hard to get on terms. The forwards frequently best the home halves, but Bullock and Gibson both kick strongly, and O'Donnell proved very capable. He dealt ably with shots by Prior and Ivall, and effected a ground save from Poole, who gained possession from a capital corner kick by right.

In the last minute Walker broke away, and centring to McNaught, the latter, with only Werrell to beat, easily put through as the whistle blew for time.

Hounslow Line up

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