Slough And Hounslow Draw In Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

Cox (15), J. Ivall (2-1)


Skipper (45), Unknown (90)
FA Cup Unknown
On Saturday afternoon Slough and Hounslow met in the first round of the English cup competition in the Dolphin ground, when an excellent game was witnessed by a fairly good number of spectators.

Neither side was at full strength, Roberts being unable to turn out for the homesters, whilst Hounslow were disappointed by two of their selected players at the eleventh hour. The ground was in splendid condition and the weather was idealistic.

Having won the toss, Hounslow defended the lower end goal, and the commencement of hostilities soon found the pressing, Werrell having to stop an early shot from Tolman, whilst Birtchnell and Haskins both intercepted shots.

At the opposite end Cox tried a shot and the goalkeeper slipped in clearing, although he managed to get the leather out of danger with Denton in close attendance. A rush up the left-wing was well checked by West.

A corner to Slough was sent behind, after which Teale and McNaught were conspicuous in the Hounslow right. The leather was banged in a low range and Werrell bought of a good clearance.

Slough again came to the fore, and Wright was responsible for a shot which O'Donnell caught and threw away. A few minutes later the same player passed to Cox, and O'Donnell rushed out to keep the latter off the ball. Whilst he was absent, however, Cox nip round and sent the globe into the net amidst an outburst of applause, thus opening the scoring after a quarter of an hour's play.

From a freekick outside the penalty area, where Denton was fouled, the goalkeeper fisted away a straight one from Haskins. A similar penalty was allowed Hounslow from Wilmot, and Werrell was called upon to stop a long shot from Bullock. Good play by Corbett was followed by a shot from Ivall, which the custodian successfully negotiated, whilst in his turn Walker called upon Werrell to deal with a shot.

Useful work by Denton was negated through the other forwards not being up. Then Hounslow had a good opening, Anderson worked the ball up the field, when near the goal he overran it and the leather rolled harmlessly outside.

Corbett made an effort to add to the score but was checked by the goalkeeper. In the wing Wright made good headway, and his shot was only saved at the expense of a corner, and from the place kick O'Donnell saved splendidly.

Just on half time Teale tried a shot which Werrell saved at the expense of a corner. This was accurately judged, and Skipper met the leather and turned it into the net, without giving Werrell the ghost of a chance, so that at the interval the score was one goal.

On resuming Hounslow went away at a big pace, and for a time fairly pressed Slough in their only own 25, Werrell and the backs having plenty to do to repel a more persistent attack.

Eventually Wright cantered up the wing and centred, Ivall just heading outside the upright. Corbett tried hard to squeeze himself through the two backs, Bullock saw the move and proved one too many for the Slough skipper. Hounslow were not beaten by any means and during a heavy onslaught Teale booted in a beauty, which, however, Werrell cleared well, assisted by a little bit of luck.

A little later Palmer got down the left wing and sending over the two right wing players, one of the pair called in Werrell, brought off a really magnificent save. In quick succession the leather travelled up and down the enclosure, the most conspicuous players being the goalkeeper's, each of whom served their sides remarkably well.

For some five minutes Slough made a big effort to add to the score and Wright showed up prominently, but Bullock was playing a champion game for Hounslow and defended with rare tact and ability.

One Slough had a bit of luck, when Palmer hacks away and centred, for in trying to clear Haskins came perilously near putting through his own goal, the leather just skimming the horizontal stick. West got the corner kick away and the Slough advance quintet went to work with a will, O'Donnell distinguishing himself by several capital saves.

Eventually from a pass by Birtchnell, Corbett transferred to Ivall, who, from an unguarded position scored a second goal for Slough.

This again set Hounslow going in energetic fashion, and they pressed for some time, Werrell making two or three good clearances, once the ball being stopped right in the goal line in close proximity to the post.

The game still continue fast, but in the very last minute of the game, and Slough looked like winning, Hounslow rushed a second goal, and thus made a draw of it.

Hounslow Lineup

R. P. O'Donnell, F. C. Bullock, H. Gibson, A. Skipper, P. Bignell, H. J. Palmer, J. Teale, J. McNaught, R. Walker, Anderson, Tolman.


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