Waterfall (1-5), S. Beach (2-5)
Slough Town

Slough Town

Roberts (0-1, 0-2, 0-3), Corbett (0-4), Denton (0-5)
League Unknown
B. O. Corbett had only been in England a few hours on returning from his tour with the Corinthians before he turned out for Slough, the club of which he has accepted the captaincy, at Uxbridge on Saturday.

With F. B. Roberts, Gloucestershire bowler, in the centre, and G. Denton at outside left, Corbett combined beautifully, and in the first half-hour Roberts three times beat Bennett, who last season captained Windsor and Eton team.

Corbett and Denton added further points, and although West failed with a penalty kick, Slough crossed over with a substantial lead of five goals to love.

Slough were not seen to such advantage after change of ends, and Uxbridge, playing up resolutely, scored through Waterfall and S. Beach. Waterfall shot looked as if it were going behind, but it struck the post and rebounded into the net. Slough thus won their first league match of the season by 5 goals to 2.

Uxbridge Lineup

G. E. Bennett, E. Ayres, L. W. Claridge, A. E. Gregory, H. T. Smith, D. Brugg, W. Waterfall, J. Beach, S. Beach, B. Grant, A. Commins.


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