Slough Knocked Out Of Cup

Slough Town

Slough Town

A. Roberts (10), Poole (85)
Reading Amateurs

Reading Amateurs

Page (1-1), Lunn (1-2, 75), Gettins (1-3)
B&B Senior Cup Unknown
A large number of spectators assembled at the Dolphin ground on Saturday afternoon, to witness the game in the senior cup competition of the two Allied counties. The teams had met twice previously this season, so that additional interest was added to the game.

Slough ousted Reading from the English cup on the Dolphin ground, whilst the Amateurs got their own back in the amateur cup and Reading.

Both sides were well represented, and after the display of the Berks men against Uxbridge on Saturday, Slough supporters thought their side had a good chance of success.

Reading open the attack at the top end goal, the nippy Dadswell getting away on the right and foreseen Hoskins to concede a corner, which was headed over. The visitors were particularly energetic at the commencement, and Lunn put in a hotshot at close quarters, which Tilly saved in magnificent style, whilst Wilkins also stopped a hot return from Dadswell moment later.

The latter player repeatedly got away and beat Hoskins. Then the home forwards initiated a run and Denton forced a corner, which was sent behind. After 10 minutes play Prior made a capital run, and passing across to the centre Roberts dashed through an scored a good goal. This success was hailed with great enthusiasm by the home supporters, but the satisfaction of holding the lead was very short lived.

Scarcely had a minute elapsed before Reading attacked strongly, and Tilly was called on to clear a fast one from the foot of Gettins. Page, however, caught the rebound and promptly landed it back into the net, thus equalising the score.

But worse was to follow, for from the restart Dadswell rushed up and put in a really clever shot which struck the upright and bounced back into play. Here Lunn was in readiness and quickly banged the leather between the uprights. In the scuffle to save his goal, Wilkins had a nasty fall which strained his leg so badly that he had to retire, to the dismay of the Slough onlookers.

The homesters made a big effort to get on even terms, and following a rush by the forwards Roberts again guided the ball into the net, only to be ruled offside. Several times Dadswell beat Poole and sent across to the other players, whilst Gettins was very energetic in the centre.

The biscuit boys were having decidedly the best of the game at this stage and Tilly frustrated to efforts very skilfully. R. J. Ivall gave a corner in trying to clear, but this proved abortive. Prior transferred hostilities to the opposite end by speedy sprint down the extreme right, though the effort was negated by his final shot being directed straight to West, who had no difficulty in clearing.

Dadswell was again conspicuous on the Reading right, and as a result of a fine centre Lunn had the goal at his mercy, but he missed the easiest of chances by shooting high over when almost under the bar. Tilly repulsed a shot from day, the left halfback, as well as others from the forwards, who were all shooting when the opportunity occurred.

Wilkins was now returned to the field, changing places with West, and for a time Slough was seen to better advantage. Several times Corbett was spurred on and twice came the equalising. Todd gave a corner when tackled by Denton, but it was of no avail. Prior, too, was working very hard and pushed Davis to give a corner. This was well placed by West, and hit the top of the crossbar.

Reading retaliated, and R. Stanley sent the leather flying over the bar, whilst London also essay the rather good shot. No addition was made to the score, and at half-time Reading led by two goals to one.

I'm changing over Wilkins went forward with Prior, who dropped back into the halfway line, but the former was of little avail, Slough practically finishing the game with only 10 men.

From a freekick awarded through Prior being fouled, Haskins put in a well judged shot which fell a foot outside the upright stop then the Slough goal had a narrow escape owing to the weak play of the backs. The leather was eventually worked out of danger and Corbett made a praiseworthy efforts to equalise the score, but he was to keenly watched to get a free opening.

For the next quarter of an hour Slough more than held their own, but the sound defence of Reading kept them from scoring. Then the veteran Gettins got clean through for the amateurs and with no one but the goalkeeper to deal with he succeeded in making the score 3-1 in favour of his side.

A hearty round of applause was aroused by a fine shot from Corbett, which brought West to his knees, but the Reading giant was successful in keeping his citadel intact shortly after Frame look to have a soft thing from his position, though West robbed him before he could shoot.

A good run down and centre by Prior enabled Corbett to collar the ball, but several opponents pounced on him and he passed out to the right, where Wilkins shot by. Reading again assumed the aggressive and Gettins, Frame and Stanley all tried conclusions with Tilly in which the custodian came off trumps.

Another fine opening was made through the agency of Dadswell. Lunn, who was well up took his centre, and with no one to worry him beat Tilly for the fourth time quarter of an hour from time.

After 10 minutes further play Prior cantered up the right and forced a corner, which was well placed by the same man. It was headed away, only to be nicely trapped and returned into goal by Poole.

Following this Tilly made a grand saved from the Lunn when but a few feet away. In the remaining few minutes Slough made a big effort to reduce the lead, but in this they failed, and Reading retired winners of a good game by 4 goals to 2.

Reading Amateurs Lineup

C. West, A. Todd, S. F. Davis, C. Stanler, G. Page, A. Day, R. Dadswell, H. Stanley, J. H. Gettins, J. Lunn, A. Frame.


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