Under Strength Rebels Draw With Ducks

Slough Town

Slough Town

Aylesbury United

Aylesbury United

League Unknown
These teams met in the return league fixture before a handful of spectators at the Dolphin on Saturday afternoon. The homesters were not able to place a strong team in the field, Young, Ivall, Poole, Corbett, and Smith all being absentees.

The game did not produce any very brilliant play, whilst the shooting was simply Richard, both sides losing innumerable opportunities of scoring.

At the start the visitors led off and gained a corner. They were quickly repulsed and the Slough forwards got to work. Four corners in succession were awarded but all proved futile.

Once Wilmot put in a good shot from the corner kick, which Adam saved, and the second time Wilmot shot high over the bar.

Aylesbury eventually got away and Brooks had a run on its own until frustrated by West. For quite a time the homesters penned Aylesbury in their own quarters, and twice Wood and Andrews looked bound to score but failed.

A good rush by the visitors was checked by Werrell, who saved at a critical time. Wood made a capital sprint and centre, only to see Cox return the leather right across the goals mouth, where it rolled outside.

Slough had by far the greater part of the game, but try as they would they could not get the leather between the sticks and at half-time the score sheet was blank.

On crossing over Aylesbury was seen to much better advantage and for 10 minutes the Slough defence was severely taxed, to well-placed corners being safely negotiated. After this the play was of a similar order to the first half. Slough had the best of the game but neither side Shotwell, although the homesters where the greatest singers in this respect.

Thus at the close of 90 minutes no goal has been scored, and the side retired with the cipher each.

Aylesbury United Lineup

W. Tadd, W. Lehmann, W. H. Adams, T. Gibb, W. Heath, W. Saunders, H. Simmonds, W. Kempson, Brooks, J. Hilsden, W. Peters.


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