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Reading 'A'

B&B Senior Emergency Cup Unknown
We were forced to make late changes, Jim Ingram, Tommy Nesbett and Hugh Tremaine coming in for Brown, Bricknell and Jones.

No blame for our defeat can be attached to the reserves, who played rattling good games under adverse conditions, but there is no doubt that these forced changes had an unsettling effect on our play.

Even so, Slough were pressing the Reading defence for over three-quarters of the match and had enough chances to run the score into double figures.

Slough were playing grand football around the centre of the field, but we fell into our old bad habit of crowding each other out near the opponents' goal. By comparison Reading looked crude and there were times during the second half when Peter West was the only player in the Slough half of the field.

Pressure of this description usually lets the other team in on a breakaway. This game was no exception and Reading became one up with ten minutes to go.

Slough equalised with a daft goal, Tremaine sending in a long shot and a defender turned it into the net.

We went all out for the winning goal, but Reading broke away again and knocked us out. The ground conditions were terrible and players found it difficult to stand up. Nevertheless, the United lads played well and were most unlucky to lose.

Several of them received hard knocks, particularly Elderfield and Fussell. Bob was fouled and came down heavily in the closing minutes. He finished the game dazed and badly shaken. This incident occurred with the score one each, and there is no doubt that had Bob been fit, Reading would not have snatched that winning goal.

Gil had a devil of a time from our opponents' somewhat robust defence. He has been in the Trainer's hands all this week and although it is doubtful if he will be able to play against Tufnell Park, we are hoping for the best.

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